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  • CosplayMemories14

    Been there with the food in the bed.... thus past week spilled blueberry juice down my bed at nearly 3a.m..... ;____;

  • Michiru Bna
    Michiru Bna

    My cousin used to have 2 degree burn

  • Ace

    1:16 1. no, you aren’t allergic to everything 2. those are too even to be real

  • Keagan Terry
    Keagan Terry

    9:15 New fear initiated

  • Anthony LEGO 2345
    Anthony LEGO 2345

    5:18 get the fuck out a call 911

  • SuperMarioChris

    The thumbnail makes me think that dude is a crab

  • clover

    1:53 taco bell moment

  • Dusty Fox
    Dusty Fox

    What sort of mad man charges $3000 for a headlight change? They're insanely easy to replace, unless the manufacturer is price gouging (Even then you can normally just buy a chinese duplicant).

  • Neon Gray
    Neon Gray

    My great grandma always sleeps with a rifle under her pillow. Never. Wake. Her. Up.

  • Eugenijus Majauskas
    Eugenijus Majauskas

    That cencor tho

  • AngelicCinnamonBun

    Me before this video: "Ugh, I'm having such a bad morning" Me after this video: "Yaknow...... my life is pretty good rn!"

  • Ian K
    Ian K

    As much as I feel bad for the BMW driver I have to say "Don't buy luxury cars if you can't afford to maintain and, if necessary, fix them!". The whole damn luxury car business is designed to rip off rich morons who can afford to just throw money at their dealerships to fix any issue they have.

  • i-i

    Dude got a 2nd degree sunburn

  • A lil bit Ritardando
    A lil bit Ritardando

    y'all sunburn? I've been alive for 15 years and forget to use sunscreen more than I want to admit and have never burned in my life

  • denver


  • Roblox Kitten gamer
    Roblox Kitten gamer

    Kids: ooooooo the fourth one is a pop it

  • greatbrobruhXD playz
    greatbrobruhXD playz


  • Nathan Lee
    Nathan Lee

    this guy has mosquito bites 1:13

  • Acey

    I was allergic to almost everything too

  • Carnes

    did the people at 2:09 even TRY to put it in rice?

  • Haruka Ittoki
    Haruka Ittoki

    I feel the allergy thing, MCAS makes me react to EVERYTHING I did a 24 hour heart monitor (with the gentle adhesive tags for people with overactive MAST cells) and when I took the monitor off all of the places had BLISTERED OVER like open weeping blisters, it sucked. Also had sunburn over my entire shoulders that scabed all the way up, my shoulder and the back of my neck was one gigantic scab... That sucked too... I was a lot younger then, and in Florida for the first time...

  • lils

    lets just appreciate that its not BRIGHT WHITE as a backround

  • YouPalPedroo (Dragoon)
    YouPalPedroo (Dragoon)

    the pain of a sharp shoe from a girl hitting your balls is probably only 1/10 of the pain of the insect #pain inside

  • fortniteshipbuilder

    1:58 the wine bottle is just standing there like, yea bitch hows your day goin now

  • Floof !
    Floof !

    All. Also have no melanin and that’s why I don’t go outside

  • jacob brown
    jacob brown

    Pffttt down here in Tennessee we get tornados every other Tuesday

  • jacob brown
    jacob brown

    So many of these are just 1 reason why apple is trash

  • Cobra Strike
    Cobra Strike

    when i was in middle school someone left a bag of popcorn in the microwave at the gym and caused a fire however the fire was put out

  • Laurel Cook
    Laurel Cook

    Get a new bleep sound, it sounds like someone about to throw up.

  • T Cunningham
    T Cunningham

    O u c h y

  • Camera7001

    That air tag is only $30 lol

  • Eleazar Paradise
    Eleazar Paradise

    6:07 ohhhh nnnnoooooo oh god welp that was in a way lucky

  • Eugenia Osorno
    Eugenia Osorno

    Getting the floor dirty right after You cleaned is pretty much a constant with a labrador pup (no pee anymore, thankfully, but a whole Lotta slobber) and it never stops sucking all the same.

  • Cake in Space
    Cake in Space


  • ms potato
    ms potato

    5:30 do people have a potato button on the microwave or is it just me....

  • Everything Thrice
    Everything Thrice

    That it a funny almost throw up censor sound, you guys should use it for every video!

  • OpressedJandy

    I feel for the hand tan line 😂 football players who wear gloves can understand.

  • Anigeek 1246
    Anigeek 1246

    4:47 is that Rohan’s house?

  • Easy Concept
    Easy Concept

    9:23 that man ain't gonna have no kids :/

  • nick kieviet
    nick kieviet

    1:11 blind people belike something wrong i can feel it

  • Nikkolas Jones
    Nikkolas Jones

    Strong wine

  • Oscar Nanayakkara
    Oscar Nanayakkara

    this guy sounds like Troy Mclure from the Simpsons

  • Chloe “The Scary Dragon” Smith
    Chloe “The Scary Dragon” Smith

    9:22 my dad used to work at a bee farm and some of the other boys who worked with him would wear their pants lower cause at the time it was the 'cool kid wear' so a bee stung stung one of the boys, you know. he let out a blood curdling scream and their boss kinda started chuckling. my dad made 50 dollars that day

  • Viking Operator
    Viking Operator

    I've had a sunburn as bad as the one in the beginning of the video, it was on my shoulders. I got it because the fucking sunscreen was expired. Second degree sunburn suck.

  • Dianna Ray
    Dianna Ray

    5:12 omfg thats myfav one

  • Quishy Squishy!
    Quishy Squishy!

    5:18 was painful to see-

  • Fawaz

    Does any body else cringe when something really painful happens there body just cringes on the exact spot

  • dragon boss
    dragon boss

    Wait robin lives in Colorado?!. What part. Because I definitely agree on Colorado changing its weather rapidly. Once we had a heat wave then the very next day we had at least 1 - 2 feet of snow.

  • TCPetesMKSE

    Wait you live in Colorado? So do I lol, 4:18

  • High Owl
    High Owl

    7:55 magnet!

  • WhiteWolf247

    I've never had a sunburn, mainly because the sun is never actually out for more than 5 minutes here

  • {*The L e g e n d a r y Panta*}
    {*The L e g e n d a r y Panta*}

    5:13 o shit that looks like its gonna collapse any second now

  • Mr_Geast

    I get falling asleep on the beach but why 4 hours

  • Mr Master
    Mr Master

    "Hell I don't even like doing it at my desk." :D

  • Jamie Devore
    Jamie Devore

    I think lexy does the best

  • ApplyGoo

    Why does everyone hate the censor sound so much? I love it, its fucking hilarious.

  • Solveig Katharina Midtgarden
    Solveig Katharina Midtgarden

    I jut found this channel, and he reminds me of swaggersouls lol

  • Spencer Stigen
    Spencer Stigen

    : o

  • Carlos Zdravkovic
    Carlos Zdravkovic

    I'm half black (from mother side) and gotten sunburned at a beach when 4 yr old

  • lexisidkokayjeez2

    4:06 at this moment i had a bounty ad

  • Sam Cloud
    Sam Cloud

    My antidepressants I used to be on had hearts on them

  • soda - pop
    soda - pop

    please just use anything else than the ACTUALL SHITING NOISE

  • Last5liter

    You think those sunburns are bad look up hell’s itch It’s a thing that happens when you get sunburn it’s feels like fire ants

  • Rose The Moon Dragon
    Rose The Moon Dragon

    i-is nobody going to talk about the pizza with mussels on it?? 5:07 am I just out of the loop or what??? do people put mussels on pizza??

  • Fandomfangirl2020

    Ahhhhhhh!!! That must hurt

  • Paul’s Existence • 5 years ago
    Paul’s Existence • 5 years ago

    I have a slightly visible line where my sock ends so my leg is darker than my foot

  • StapleCactus

    For all you sunburn peeps, I have a solution for you. Crush plain aspirin (i.e. plain white bayer), mix in Mylanta until it's a paste. Spread on and let it work. It will harden and get crumbly, so sit on something you don't have a hard time cleaning. I had it so bad the bubbles weren't sporadic like the video, couldn't stand wearing a shirt. After 1 hour, no pain. After 5 hours, no bubbles. After a second application the next day (because it's impossible to sleep with the stuff and not get the bed dirty) sunburn was non-existent. Saved me a trip to the hospital, because I had severe sunburn toxicity. Thanks again, CVS lady in Florida.

  • Sprint Kasey
    Sprint Kasey

    6:47 how in the sweet honourable fuck do you expect a scout leader to do that, what's he gonna do get all the kiddies to jump at the same time?



  • HolyPastrami

    Honestly, anyone who buys a BMW shouldnt be surprised about huge repair costs. German cars are good, but they make everything as hard to repair as possible.

  • Ryan Ross
    Ryan Ross

    The thumbnail image. That is going to give immense pleasure when it gets itchy and you need to scratch

  • Jerrycan

    pleaseee change the bleep sound. it sounds disgusting

  • Alice

    As somebody who got sunburned on the beach yesterday I have to say…. Ouch

  • polski

    Thumbnail is edited, it was a skin tan

  • Dro'yla Jarhir The Feline Thief
    Dro'yla Jarhir The Feline Thief

    7:41 Oh, don't worry, it's not broken, it just elected a new Pope.

  • DerpyX888

    3:15 That's one SCOOP a day now.

  • Burger Gulper
    Burger Gulper

    Anyone else hearing all the snorting/burping noises throughout the video

  • Abuumdumsadd Granum
    Abuumdumsadd Granum

    The one at the start was cooked like bacon

  • spoiro

    Funny story, one time, my older brother got a sunburn so bad there were bubbles of dead flesh on his shoulder. Not small ones either, near golf ball sized. I was like 5, so I accidentally popped one, and it sprayed liquid everywhere. I'm not sure how he got the sunburn, but I'll never forget it.

  • Kris Hall
    Kris Hall

    4:18 can confirm, welcome I Colorado, weather changes at least twice a day

  • Oswaldo Acosta Padilla
    Oswaldo Acosta Padilla

    The censor sounds is pretty disgusting tbh.

  • Queen Sardine
    Queen Sardine

    4:19 say colorado! IM A GIRAFFE

  • Amer bloop
    Amer bloop

    Dude the thumb nail looks like a dude rubed hot cheeto dust all over him

  • Jacob West
    Jacob West

    4:20 mold can grow on anything, Even mold repellent

  • Dragon Borger
    Dragon Borger

    Great video and all, but the censor sound is f(insert disgusting sound here)ing gross and annoying

  • Mohammed City
    Mohammed City

    You call it: sunburn But I call it: gear second

  • Do gay be crime
    Do gay be crime

    I once went to Texas, spent like an hour on the beach without proper sunscreen, itched at my heavily burnt back for months, while my tan sister was completely fine

  • TrashPanda26

    6:24: i sleep with a 40. under my pillow but guess what. I'm not gonna have it chambered dude. my guy BIG DUM

  • Nt40

    You and Screen Rant sound similar xD

  • Bryce (B_M_Wilson)
    Bryce (B_M_Wilson)

    I know so many good ones. I was in a dorm a couple years ago. One time someone made popcorn and burnt it. They threw the smoking popcorn in the trash. The trash caught on fire so we had to evacuate and have the fire department called. This was at 1am. A friend in a different dorm had some mould on the bottom of the cabinet beneath the sink. She asked the dorm to fix it. They fixed it by covering up the mould with another piece of wood.

  • NRX gaming UK
    NRX gaming UK

    The head light chould be replaced by the posters self instead of a dealer ship just watch a tutorial video 1M times and you are good to go :D

  • smittæ

    i once opened a pull out couch there was a pubic hair on it..

  • Th3 Ch40t1c
    Th3 Ch40t1c

    7:00 ah yes, quality american brick walls. Gotta love em

  • elsa_mha_fan

    Me: see the thumbnail Me again : Dabi?!

  • Finlandandmamo

    dude a bird actually shit in my dad's mouth before!!

  • Shadow snorlax
    Shadow snorlax

    I just realized the background music to this chanel is king dices tune from cuphead and mugman

  • G1xtch _W0rlD
    G1xtch _W0rlD

    I have the devils eye as my random Lock Screen on my laptop what the he double hockey sticks(let’s keep it pg for the Christians)

  • KC Krumbcake
    KC Krumbcake

    emkay fanart is shit. please stop making it

  • Kyle LaBonne
    Kyle LaBonne

    Robin lives in Colorado, nice same.

  • Patric Lazar
    Patric Lazar

    1:11 does it mean something in braille alphabet?