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  • Hello I hate my life
    Hello I hate my life

    8:46 no no hes got a point

  • Edgar

    Peter Griffin wouldn't say all that, if anything he is actually the type to believe that the home button would send him home.

  • Cats Eye
    Cats Eye

    Let’s just casually ignore hellholes like tumblr and Twitter. Have any of you seen how many conspiracies there are on there

  • Gamen Snootdroop
    Gamen Snootdroop

    I've been switching sides to face the wall for years now. I just imagine there is a cute boy on the other side, and I sleep SO much better.

  • TeleKid - TV, Advice, Everything
    TeleKid - TV, Advice, Everything

    This was great.


    Exterminate all zombies, forget the human they once were. For they have no control over their bodies and have succumbed to the virus. They are basically dead and it would be cruel to let the virus control their bodies..

  • skydancer paints
    skydancer paints

    my grandma sadly likes the bad minion memes..

  • aptfartman900

    14:00 if the world is in ruins there won’t be laws

  • Addyx in Wonderland
    Addyx in Wonderland

    8:17 i fell for it Well guys see you in a thousand years when I awake from burying myself in the ground

  • Ariel Blue
    Ariel Blue

    The timing for both is ironic 5:30

  • Sorcha Mackay
    Sorcha Mackay


  • Alpha Twist
    Alpha Twist

    11:04 The text at the bottom makes me want to commit Breathn't

  • GrandCorsair

    Dude, Mulan was motivated to join the army for the sake of her family. Am I missing something here? What is "the joke" here? They are motivated by men even though that doesn't even make sense given the context of these movies. Is this meant to be ironic or just piss off the fans? I refuse to believe this is meant to be unironic commentary.

  • Vossk Ambassador • -100 years ago
    Vossk Ambassador • -100 years ago

    14:00 so We need someone to finish playing lab of the dead. are zombies human enough so we can tame them? or do we have to extinct thenm?

  • Optimum Music
    Optimum Music

    4:29 how is gay innapropriate?

  • Panzerwagen YT
    Panzerwagen YT

    Wasn't the first post r/me irl

  • Giant_robot

    “It’s me, jack! The guy that makes you go HÆÆCŒWUEH”

  • The Videogamer0MG
    The Videogamer0MG

    i want a zombie movie where no zombies are killed because it would be illegal since nobody is sure if the zombies can be saved

  • NewGuy


    • NewGuy


  • Peter “Seacat” A-M
    Peter “Seacat” A-M

    One joke.

  • Coolgamer XD
    Coolgamer XD

    6:11 love the popping sound

  • Jyotika M.
    Jyotika M.

    I think (hope) the text at the bottom at 11:08 is meant to be ironically funny

  • Jyotika M.
    Jyotika M.

    I love how that guy thinks saying "kill two birds with one stone" is offensive

  • Demonic Teacup
    Demonic Teacup

    Do you know what's worse. My Dad will probably like some of these

  • Steel Rarebit
    Steel Rarebit

    (I'll start) Zombies deserve the death penalty unless they are The Zombies.

  • Flutter_bat_16_

    14:02 maybe it would work like the world in Cagaster of an insect cage. Basically, at any point, people can turn into these giant bug monsters and there are people who are specially tasked to exterminate them. They have a law where you cannot kill a human turning into a Cagaster until you can see visible wings. Maybe it would be like that? Like, you can’t kill the infected person until they reach a certain point

  • avxnema

    0:00 true..

  • Griffin Willmore
    Griffin Willmore

    9:22 as a gen z, I would sacrifice you’re worst enemy to the pineapple god

  • Yeah_man20

    they wouldn't be human, they would be DEAD

  • 2 ideots with a phone
    2 ideots with a phone

    8:47 I agree with this completely

  • Brett Tracy
    Brett Tracy

    I've never felt more pain from a meme attempt than from 11:00

  • SomethingEdgy

    Therapy is expensive.

  • RA RandomAdventures
    RA RandomAdventures


  • OriginalName “Shawnichek”
    OriginalName “Shawnichek”

    first part of the thumbnail will make me have anxiety forever, thanks.

  • Adam C
    Adam C

    1:08 - Are you calling a pipe food? Last I checked, they aren't edible.

  • Guggimon

    This is why I don't have Facebook

  • DeMmIe Danny :D
    DeMmIe Danny :D

    *bla bla bla bla for the dioch-*

  • Caleb Doan
    Caleb Doan

    Fuck I was about to go to sleep its 4am and I saw the first meme

  • blueberry xml
    blueberry xml

    4:03 My name is Milee i was a normal person but now im evil Lol

  • hihfsd

    0:48 Then fucking don’t take kids.

  • turtlerr r
    turtlerr r

    Hot take: emkay is a bit biased against boomers

  • Ro Yoshi
    Ro Yoshi

    Bruh my i like the way some people say the old generation was more brave but… I showed my dad some 2010 creepy pastas and he could not believe that I grew up with that stuff

  • Potato Animated
    Potato Animated


  • Romeito Garcia
    Romeito Garcia

    Do a face reval pls or l will unsup

  • sausagehedgehog

    10:52 this is post-irony, don't worry.

  • ViceFur & Co.
    ViceFur & Co.

    Heh. I know Bizzaro when I see it.

  • Maria Shadows
    Maria Shadows

    For the zombie apocalypse, I predict: ""My sister got infected and somebody killed her! Zombies deserve rights too! What about a cure!""

  • Fishiplayz

    I liked the 1st one tho, thought it was pretty funny and relatable

  • Loa Floby
    Loa Floby

    10:53 Ok, seriously wtf is this meme

  • Giorno Brando
    Giorno Brando

    5:18 so im assuming they didn’t die

  • Nicolas Brophy
    Nicolas Brophy

    3:55 Where is that generator shaft going?!?!?!

  • Hami Kuran
    Hami Kuran

    I guess I am evil

  • Whistling Rock
    Whistling Rock

    Timestamp: 6:02 Me: *lmfao* while rolling on the floor 😂

  • Peter Marsella
    Peter Marsella

    0:01 Me who always sleeps facing the wall: I see no god up here, other than me

  • Ishan TheLionCat
    Ishan TheLionCat

    just because you're doing the middle finger doesn't mean you're "cool" it means you're rude

  • Ishan TheLionCat
    Ishan TheLionCat

    Nobody: those "memes" on facebook : tech bad,kids bad,wife bad,gen Z bad,everything bad

  • petfroggy dbm
    petfroggy dbm

    when i face the wall is when i see things

  • Brandon Govreau
    Brandon Govreau

    What if Keanu Reeves was originally a slacker teenager till he got enlisted into a spy agency which he became a professional spy and secret he was still actor so he got more professional acting roles after he became a adult

  • Brandon Govreau
    Brandon Govreau

    You know the meme with a cartoon of the old lady old phone cursive writing she's talking about imagine a reverse of that a young person trying to tell an old person this will be feted by the time I write this but a young person saying to an old person try and figure out a smartphone try and download and figure out a streaming service perhaps get a free one like FIbill or tiktok or both tell them to download free games and let's see if they can figure it out

  • Mr_Bear_4873

    Xavier is a scumbag, JUSTICE FOR PAKALU PAPITO!!!!!

  • Harvest

    enter the show izombie

  • koopa killa999
    koopa killa999

    Is it weird that some of these are funny

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka

    My pillow is warm:(

  • Shadowhenge

    3:32 fibill.info/nick/videot/wGixiGbGqYqIh5k

  • Dave Barnes
    Dave Barnes

    Yaaa I'm only 23.... Right...

  • Austin Schiel
    Austin Schiel

    I remember reading a book war the zombie apocalypse happened but they were so slowly most people would be able to power walk around them so only reley stopped or really slow people get bit at first until running zombie came along They had a full on rock consider it the middle of a Park

  • Just Monika
    Just Monika

    How did you make perfect popcorn noises

  • Bone-Rim

    4:02 I'm not evil, I'm, *vilenious*

  • Mr Smalls
    Mr Smalls

    I don’t care about your political beliefs if you make crappy Memes about it it makes your political beliefs look bad

  • Yoda is a god God
    Yoda is a god God

    9:29 the funny kid is Jim carrey

  • Paul Edwards
    Paul Edwards

    Whether or not it would be illegal to kill a zombie would depend on whether or not you could class the zombie as dead

  • Glitch Geek
    Glitch Geek

    Okay,2:06 and 0:01 actually got laughs out of me

  • The Thunder Stone
    The Thunder Stone

    3:36 No I've tested this either the cat and bread hover mid OR the world bends around the cat and bread so they both land correctly.

  • Lu1

    Fun fact: i had a period where when i slept i couldn’t switch sizes cause i was afraid of fnaf

  • Solokill

    13:10 All of them are in fortnite, it has happened

  • Cali Qm
    Cali Qm

    Ngl the airplane real woman meme made me laugh,caught me off guard

  • Hilda_ 123 go!
    Hilda_ 123 go!

    Lgbt actually stands for lesbian,gay,bisexual and transgender

  • RocketMadds

    havent watched emkay in a while, but uhhh where'd the old emkay guy go???

  • BoberTee

    Did he just censor himself from saying gay W h a t

  • CuddlyBubbles 69
    CuddlyBubbles 69

    Facebook meme: Nobody can say eminem sucks. NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY THEY’RE TERRIBLE AND NOT JUST BAD

  • Euranium

    please... we already have people wanting to have a 'fun time' with animals and dead bodies, please leave the zombie part alone

  • Rituparna M
    Rituparna M

    I didn't know what losing braincells meant until I saw this sub

  • M

    my conclussion boomers: passive agressive wife haters millenials: depressed adults making jokes gen-z: wierdos and nerds, probably depressed ipad kids: ipad kids

  • Andrei Pasecinic
    Andrei Pasecinic

    I have lost brain cells

  • - YeetPeep -
    - YeetPeep -

    the first one I’m in the exact position thanks emkay

  • Water Beans
    Water Beans

    Water beans

  • Phil Restivo
    Phil Restivo

    I don’t have to worry about sleeping or face the wall and I’ll have to worry about demons because I sleep with a toy double barrel shotgun I won’t kill him but Illinois the fuck out of them

  • Clara Aft•n
    Clara Aft•n

    Why am I being harassed.

  • lukkiiii


  • Ravens Fantasy
    Ravens Fantasy

    13:38 **Loads shotgun** I'd love to see you try to stop me.

  • Butterqueen

    The privilege loaf one was actually funny because I never get white bread my parents buy wheat

  • Jordan McCarthy
    Jordan McCarthy

    12:41 i have to admit.. this is funny though..

  • Jordan McCarthy
    Jordan McCarthy

    2:22 ngl that is funny and the daughter gets what she deserves, just give your mom what she asks for lmao

  • Vladimier Bronen
    Vladimier Bronen

    Ok so big thing with a real zombie apocalypse yeah would be the convincing that the zombies aren't people anymore and are just monsters because if the zombies are like the left for dead ones they're still living people just sick if it's dawn of the dead reanimated corpses then there's a case. Then you have the backwoods U.S.A and most of the south as a whole saying this is god's test for them and would be blasting away no matter the situation. Most of the civilized world would treat it in the same light that they did in Shin Godzilla, looking at it logistically as to what the ramifications of the outbreak is because if it's curable that'd be priority if not and it's transmutable via fluid exchange the world would likely wipe them out however if it's a walking dead scenario *spoilers* and you turn no matter what then the world would probably just pull a land of the dead isolate areas and set up shop, sending away anyone who is about to die and only killing the ones that are a threat.

  • Sam Holliday
    Sam Holliday

    Why do I relate so much to the first one where the guy trying to sleep but he went himself cause that's what's happening

  • youarenoobie

    Iron man is a superhero, but iron woman is a command

  • sock

    Ok but we all gonna ignore the perfect Squidward impression?

  • Duncan Volpe
    Duncan Volpe

    3:28 eminem sucks, i said it

  • BearScareBeauty

    these are just 2009 MEMES

  • Mason Mugridge
    Mason Mugridge

    "Are you bragging about being depressed" it's called a cry for help from someone who doesn't know where to go/what to do, someone should give them guidance