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  • Art Siebke
    Art Siebke

    If you think the splat masks were scary you should see the early plastic surgery

  • ØR3Ø

    “Microwave A Child?” Duh, what else do you eat?

  • Steph Cougill
    Steph Cougill

    My dog just ate my fucking shoe!

  • Wilmington Banks Railfan
    Wilmington Banks Railfan

    4:25 my state tho? I just had to be

  • ???

    1:59 the “horror game” about it is called little nightmares 2

  • Drew Lovelyhell
    Drew Lovelyhell

    Oh man.. Was this edited by someone with ADHD? The constant zooming in and out is giving me eye strain.

  • deltaduxdan

    If I recall correctly 1:52 that is so that they can E A T a C A C T U S and yes you read that right. No I'm not joking. If I recall correctly, they EAT cactus.

  • Wyatt C
    Wyatt C

    at 9:00 the girl looks like Mark Zuckerburg

  • Kingly Kev
    Kingly Kev

    4:46 that’s a day before my birthday

  • Ligita D.
    Ligita D.

    something that is oddly terrifying is empty zoo cages.

  • Jesus Torres
    Jesus Torres

    “Gas cash or a- ad”

  • EnderZafai

    That backstage thing reminds me of the banana split movie

  • Turbo Pokey
    Turbo Pokey

    Why did the chicken and lady eye swap pic look so much like the "Zuckerberg is an alien" pic?

  • Kalebfenoir

    The kid in the floaty ring with the underwater view instantly tripped my thalassophobia. This is why I don't swim in lakes and rivers. Lol

  • AshZaPro

    5:58 subnautica leviathan creature

  • Mrs.Tamaki

    Children of the sheep

  • BigBoogieRadio

    You don't ever want to go to lancashire

  • tastybigmacc

    „No one rides for free“ -Robin maybe about a snake, maybe about a prostitute. We‘ll never know

  • medexamtoolsdotcom

    Here's one for you that I noticed in a grocery store some time ago. There were 3 varieties of "Helper". There was "Hamburger Helper", there was "Tuna Helper", and there was "Asian Helper". And so I leave you with this question: What kind of meat are you supposed to use with Asian Helper?

  • SG9

    The inside of the camel’s mouth is like that so it can eat cacti safely

  • Phantom Sloyer
    Phantom Sloyer

    7:34 POV: You joined the Canadian army.

  • SRH(somerandomehuman)

    My sister has a cat named Lucifer I wanna beat the fucking cat so bad but it’s too cute

  • Noah Lengacher
    Noah Lengacher

    For the camel one the spike looking things are used for eating cactus without hurting its mouth

  • The_One Surviving Author
    The_One Surviving Author

    7:49 *that's* why you gotta run that sucker under water for a few good seconds before you use it.

  • Alex

    Robin Robin a bank?

  • M Ξ P i K
    M Ξ P i K

    5:45 where the fuck is the photo tho? I was intrested in that.. editors of em key, do better its not first time.

  • Talan Nemeth
    Talan Nemeth

    When do we get to scp terrifying BTW I'm home alone

  • Kit Cat
    Kit Cat

    3:38 *FLESHLIGHT*

  • BlackWater 49
    BlackWater 49

    3:55 One must be sacrificed to the great serpant...

  • HECKLER Computers
    HECKLER Computers

    6:55 Oh look, it's Springtrap as a Turtle. That costume needs a horror movie all of its own.

  • a a
    a a

    6:30 this looks like it would be a boss fight with some sort of demon name

  • Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose


  • Matt Chuckle
    Matt Chuckle

    I’ve been to beech mountain and it ain’t that bad Until now

  • GreekMyth AO
    GreekMyth AO

    4:28 I’ve actually been there. It’s only open for 2 days out of the year. It’s quite cool

  • Tameka Hughes
    Tameka Hughes

    The thumbnail is oddlysatisfying dummy

  • Joshua Abraham
    Joshua Abraham

    i thought the thubnail said "Ch. 1d"

  • The Drago
    The Drago


  • Luluczs


  • Shimu Derivo
    Shimu Derivo

    when the cat was on top of his sleeping owner in that one pic it was actually making surr his owner was alive, he cares

  • I_Changed_My_Username_Ha

    I have a rubber squirrel hand, you can get them on Amazon for like, 6 dollars I think

  • Astrum Deorum
    Astrum Deorum

    exactly 10 minutes long Perfection

  • Centauri 3D Design
    Centauri 3D Design

    Silly goose, you're not supposed to microwave children. *you bake them.*

  • 36umn n
    36umn n

    ngl kinda surprised skinby or fleshby isn't here (do not google)

  • Calvin's World
    Calvin's World

    great video bro

  • Black Flame
    Black Flame

    The most useless button on the microwave is 9, 8, and 7 never seen any more n use those buttons

  • Jackson Mayne
    Jackson Mayne

    8:21 its bort sampson

  • AlienFromMars

    When your dog become the haunted refrigerator

  • Rian Cardinale
    Rian Cardinale

    The silent hill music kicked in just as my laptops screen went to sleep mode.

  • Alexander Salazar
    Alexander Salazar

    The first pic was really scary. I hate it when it's foggy because itsy more scarier than darkness.

  • Dream from Minecraft
    Dream from Minecraft


  • Hyradu Umborea
    Hyradu Umborea

    The teeth things on that scallop made me think (Fnaf 4 inspiration?)

  • SSg LBJ Pantallano PAF
    SSg LBJ Pantallano PAF

    I like a microwave child because I Have no brother or sister.

  • Chase Ragsdale
    Chase Ragsdale

    ඞ amonus

  • Mudkip

    2:40 forbiden spegetti o's

  • Duke Cola
    Duke Cola

    5:55 did you forget that post?

  • Mason Mayfield
    Mason Mayfield

    3:45 me Currently staring at the fridge

  • A literal German v2 rocket
    A literal German v2 rocket

    How has Thomas the tank engine managed to worm his way into almost every game ever

  • cotton Sheep
    cotton Sheep

    Camels have mouth like that so they can eat cactus they are pretty badass

  • optimus_prime 1025
    optimus_prime 1025

    The dragon eye thing looks like it would work for a simular situation as in transformers:prime unicron who turned to stone while asleep, then woke up and almost destroyed earth

  • Soundwave superior (Pride!)💖💜💙
    Soundwave superior (Pride!)💖💜💙

    *C H I L D*

  • Disorganized Bones
    Disorganized Bones

    Oh so this is what Robin is doing

  • Henry N. White
    Henry N. White

    5:29 is that noita?

  • MJR Danishdestroyer
    MJR Danishdestroyer

    From what I can tell on the bat pic, The country that uses a Honda RS150 is Malaysia(I'm referring what is the bike is called like Vietname calling it The Winner and Indonesia calling it The GTR Supra)

  • may Hand
    may Hand

    i once saw dragons eye, im from lancashire!

  • LukeBBM

    2:17 I just laughed when I saw it

  • Lillian Stone
    Lillian Stone

    FNATD (Five Nights At The Dentist)

  • V!!King

    5:54 if you give a buildup like that you have to show the picture!

  • Calebgamer

    people in canada say that thay are scared of there EAS sound THAT INTRO MADE MY SOLE LEAVE MY BODY

  • KeeleyChaos

    "Yes, I lock my cat's butt out, but the rest is fine"

  • miguelgaming 31
    miguelgaming 31

    Hello, I have a question that's really bothering me about sexuality: what is the difference between asexual and aromantic?

  • Aiden Klingensmith
    Aiden Klingensmith

    3:38 they look like baby birds in a nest

  • Dzib

    6:18 all I can think of with this picture is Scp-2774.

  • OMGem

    4:48 A wrinkle in time The in-sync town Oh dear

  • Hello There97
    Hello There97

    Hello there

  • CrazyCreeper 365
    CrazyCreeper 365

    1:33 how the fuck did that get on shore it looks like an anglerfish, yep it is(look up in google images “anglerfish on land”), but how the hell did it get to shore.

  • Ogre Magson
    Ogre Magson

    This are all so terror frying

  • Berri


  • Dogboy2709

    4:15 I think the problem is that that's the front of the girl, not the back. The clothes look like the front

  • COC matters
    COC matters


  • BDMCGaming

    I sure hope that the EAS header tone at 0:08 isn't valid.

  • Rimuru

    1:12 that is called a mega bat..more info if u watch hood nature

  • TazPlayz

    I wonder if anyone mentioned that the Harpy Eagle looked like Kaepora Gaebora from OoT and others? Just me? 🤔

  • Cake in Space
    Cake in Space

    KILL EVERYONE.. especially the microwave

  • 3ft Ninja
    3ft Ninja

    Five Nights at Flossing.

  • Evan Fitzgerald
    Evan Fitzgerald

    9:01 y she lookin like Zuckerberg

  • That kafu Guy
    That kafu Guy

    Microwave the child

  • Madison Holt
    Madison Holt

    1:24 Ayo, let the dog in, hes getting cold.

  • Madison Holt
    Madison Holt

    The inside of a camels mouth and the insides of mouths that look like that make me so unbelievably uncomfortable and I absolutely hate seeing them. I just makes me wanna *e h*

  • Nick Allen
    Nick Allen

    The Harpie Eagle is actually kind to humans. Tho I'm shocked nothing about the Shoebill Stork, whom, to get the trust of, you just bow to them

  • Kerri Lark
    Kerri Lark

    Camels eat cactus. Spines and all. Makes sense they'd have some pretty crazy looking mouths. XD

  • Lawsonomy

    1:25 Polar bears. One of the worlds few large predators that think humans look delicious. This is why things like playing dead, and puffing up to make yourself look big work on other animals, because they aren't all that interested in you. That stuff DOSEN'T WORK ON POLAR BEARS, when they see you they will run at you until they kill you. The main way to deter a polar bear is to shoot them in the face.

  • Daichie David
    Daichie David

    Here at the Philippines Fruit bats are pests, and not scary at all just very annoying they leave left over of fruits everywhere, they are the pigeon version of the philippines

  • Ian Morgan
    Ian Morgan

    why do i hear boss music?

  • jayce taylor
    jayce taylor


  • Vigontro

    4:41 Vivarium (movie)

  • PinkLemon FV
    PinkLemon FV

    What is this? 1:33

  • Xion Nightroad (Xion Nightroad)
    Xion Nightroad (Xion Nightroad)

    That twisted metal scream though

  • Rach

    I don’t think the camels know either why. Why is the world scary omg

  • Violet Wiseley
    Violet Wiseley

    7:35 No, Robin, it's Calvin and Hobbes come to life.

  • Alex Lineberry
    Alex Lineberry

    Right before I startef the video a baby ad came up! 😂😂😂😂😂😂