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  • Splatanations

    Well I think it’s Odin baby!

  • just Norr
    just Norr

    10:42 it is literally called the red bellied snake

    • just Norr
      just Norr

      11:11 also Ubird

  • itzcoffeetime

    Mt Fuji and Mt Everest are the earths nippels.

  • Daniel Mu
    Daniel Mu

    Giant Otters are terrifying

  • Bloody Muffin
    Bloody Muffin

    I woulda just named the White lipped snake the iridescent Python

  • Warbler the wallaby
    Warbler the wallaby

    Then play subnautica below zero it has way more dark seas

  • Dillon McNatt
    Dillon McNatt

    the creatures came for Australia instead

  • Jabbie Jabbie
    Jabbie Jabbie

    Mike Wazoo wazoo

  • Kage Scion Gaming
    Kage Scion Gaming

    Guanxi is Gu ang Ze

  • Scorp- Ion
    Scorp- Ion

    7:23 if stalkers were cute beans

  • Something Suspicious
    Something Suspicious

    Saw fish: I showed you my under saw please respond

  • Bri the Kitsune
    Bri the Kitsune

    The Philza joke was on point

  • Ghost 1
    Ghost 1

    2:27 this is why I want to take Junior year of high school in Japan

  • M saqib khan
    M saqib khan

    Am i the only one who sees it or does that waterfall looks like a woman with a *dog face*

  • Luna

    This dude is totally a furry

  • fire skull
    fire skull

    I think I kinda hate Jack

  • SaruCharmed

    I've seen a gorgeous photo of the milky way taken in the Australian outback.

  • Zero509IX

    Play subnautica Jack, play it, your fear of the deep blue will only make the game more immersive, it has great views in the game, T H E L E V I A T H A N S C A N B E S L A I N

  • ARandomPerson

    8:27 Oh look it’s the magic rock thing from Mighty Med.

  • Ranreptile

    5:30 funny you said it looks scary because it has a lot of tales about supernatural activity and stuff like that

  • Alex Swenson
    Alex Swenson

    If Mount Fuji Is one of earth's nipples then Mount Kilimanjaro is the second

  • mayosa666

    Thats a very pregnant polar bear

  • mellow yellow.
    mellow yellow.

    The waterfall literally looks like Lady Dimitrescu

  • Jordyn Roberts
    Jordyn Roberts

    O we speak way wars then that 11:56

  • Teo Borges
    Teo Borges

    1:11 ahh they did it, IN ANIMATRIX!

  • Knowledge_Itself

    9:34 Minecraft be like

  • unknown-10,000

    11:43 Iff i know anything about these honey badgers of the jungle, its probably threatening the cubs lives, THESE OTTERS KILL ALLIGATORS FOR GOSH SAKE!!!!!!

  • Graydon Charlton
    Graydon Charlton

    Alternative title r/natureIsHighAsFrick

  • J Schultz
    J Schultz

    7:00, Strawberry Shortcake

  • Jack Todd
    Jack Todd

    that polar bear ate the others

  • Saige White
    Saige White

    "Put the camera down bro, let's make some real memories" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Topaz Pheonix
    Topaz Pheonix

    2:14 I'm simping for a bee A LITTERAL BEE pls help

  • Sky Break
    Sky Break

    You mean dog cat RIGHT

  • Mega Archer
    Mega Archer

    Man says sakura useless. Sheesh man's haven't watched the movies or Shippuden

  • Yoshida Saki
    Yoshida Saki

    If mount Fuji was earth nipple, Then... Everest is... Earth *"bulge"* ?

  • Arav_2005 EBF1
    Arav_2005 EBF1

    5:46 my dad yelling at me for not smiling as he takes a picture of me and my mum

  • Zaddis

    1:15: Title explains perfectly why the camouflage works 1:28: “How does looking like a Dalmatian help you hide in a forest?” Sooty brain moment oof

  • Madness Gaming
    Madness Gaming

    That first clip made me spit the water out my mouth I just had a sip of OMG

  • Wyatt Davidson
    Wyatt Davidson

    the storm looks like gocoo

  • Seeking Eudaimonia
    Seeking Eudaimonia

    Polar bear: I’m not fat, I’m pregnant you asshole.

  • Sophia Uland
    Sophia Uland

    Ravens are domesticated wolves and we should be Afraid.

  • Eleanor Biggs
    Eleanor Biggs

    funny thing crocodiles predate dinosaurs

  • Jay Rains
    Jay Rains

    11:59 i use to live in lubbock moved today and the day that happen was a tornado

  • MurderwolfGaming YT
    MurderwolfGaming YT

    That alligator looked like it was stuck under the skin on someone's body or even a tattoo

  • Dr. Jose
    Dr. Jose

    ey it's a sawsbuck 3:40

  • Jacaré dos Vudu
    Jacaré dos Vudu

    Iguaçu is read as Iguassu

  • Night Gardener
    Night Gardener

    The point for the baby animal to look that way is to make it harder for creditors to distinguish where it is looking at the baby so it is harder for them to hit a critical hit on the neck or even on the chest because they all look so similar it's difficult to look at

  • Beeptastic Sheep
    Beeptastic Sheep

    The reason why it was probably called the white lipped snake was most likely because they already have a rainbow snake though it isn’t a rainbow per say… it’s also called Farancia erytrogramma, but more commonly know as a rainbow snake…from what I know.

  • Captain Hanji
    Captain Hanji

    an animals perception of colour is different to humans, so the pattern would probably useful when they young

  • Archi Jyotirmayee Vishwanidhi
    Archi Jyotirmayee Vishwanidhi

    I am..I am soo white😑🤣try my name too bruh

  • hihfsd

    Nature edits for the trends because why not It’s fucking legit.

  • Jead Rapanut
    Jead Rapanut

    Wolves and ravens My brain: Demon slayers and their crows

  • BooBiBa Peen69
    BooBiBa Peen69

    Oh lawd those sawfish look even more horrific in real life lemme tell u

  • 1 2
    1 2

    8:03 WEDNESDAY

  • 1 2
    1 2

    7:00 I loved the way he said ´´grapes´´

  • Smol Kat
    Smol Kat

    Jack is starting to act a bit like the click...

  • Enoch Worth
    Enoch Worth

    1.48 that is not a polar bear it is a pizzly, gruzzly×polar bear

  • Ragadoodle

    3:23 guys, I think we found the shire

  • CC

    Animals are color blind all animals 1:28

  • snowgriff

    3:22 this is gonna be my new wallpaper

  • HeimrichXtheXJellen XHeimer
    HeimrichXtheXJellen XHeimer

    bro, that impression in the beginning was f**king lit

  • YaBoiDiarrhea Dude! (Turd)
    YaBoiDiarrhea Dude! (Turd)

    The shells are literally part of the snail. It’s not like hermit crabs, it’s like turtles.

  • Sabian Griffin
    Sabian Griffin

    Rainbow Python would lead to loads of confusion with the rainbow boa, and if you don't look at it from the right angle and can't see the rainbow, the white lips provide a very nice aesthetic

  • Sabian Griffin
    Sabian Griffin

    Subnautica is really fun to play, even as a mild thassalophobe myself. There have been some Holy Fucking Jesus That Scared The Shit Out Of Me moments

  • Sabian Griffin
    Sabian Griffin

    Finally...someone other than Robin. The last 15 or s emkay videos I've watched were Robin. Nothing against Robin, I would have the same feelings with any other emkay host, but it was just too many

  • Micheal :THE EVIL HERO
    Micheal :THE EVIL HERO

    That volcano looks like tortured souls straight outta hell... I can't unsee it

  • Anime Addict
    Anime Addict

    the first part when he saud im always whatching my bird looked at me

  • bluegynger

    Saying a shell on a snail doesn't count, when they GROW THE SHELLS THEMSELVES lmfao X'D Snail: ; __ ; *hello darkness my old friend..* Not giving a hermit crab credit for the beauty of the shell would make sense, but a snail? C'MON MAN


    Day 9 of asking Jack to say : Hi im Jack who got your back

  • Captain Absol
    Captain Absol

    2:21 hehehehehe

  • Brennan Langless
    Brennan Langless

    The photo of dagaba is wrong it’s Mirkwood from lord of the rings

  • JEP

    Come on Jack you know what your opener needs to be I'm the snack that smiles back come on you know with us

  • jayce taylor
    jayce taylor

    I'm Cuban but live in America

  • Impa

    0:29 should I be aroused, or scared??

  • Moe No ರ_ರ
    Moe No ರ_ರ

    My mans just nutted over a waterfall. smh.


    2:36 reminds me of the wysteria blossoms at the Final Selection

  • Maladjusted Cutie
    Maladjusted Cutie

    _The NSFW jokes are out of control_

  • Pheeb Carter
    Pheeb Carter

    11:09 Ubird

  • LusterX4

    Less gooo

  • lilK

    Vietnamese Moss Frog? Naaaaaah, Mint Chocolate Chip Frog 🐸😎

  • silverchain92channel

    Dimitrescu waterfall xD

  • proffesorRafa

    4:00 The cat looks like the Garfield definition of "Netflix adaptation"

  • chris weiss
    chris weiss

    He's hiding in an Oreo factory. Hmmm could be.

  • Samuel López 10-1
    Samuel López 10-1

    Ha Is the first time y heard someone saying the name of my country in a video.

  • Jakeb00tycak3

    6:02 so that means the earth is a woman... which means... *oh no*

  • Sgt. Greg Hazelett
    Sgt. Greg Hazelett

    The one with the snow thing you should should have put that in one of your r/boss fight videos

  • Daniel Steward
    Daniel Steward

    Id like to go to china to sight see but after what they did to the world id probably make an attempt to burn it all down. And id like to not be hunted down by a large military :0

  • X .Eli.Cloudy. X
    X .Eli.Cloudy. X

    Not him making what I believe to be a Philza Minecraft reference

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher

    12:43 the kid from Alabama's family tree

  • wyatt kinard
    wyatt kinard

    1000th comment

  • Axel De Mello
    Axel De Mello

    The more videos I watch the more I believe it's just one dude doing different voices

  • Twom

    play Subnautica. do it

  • Mr. Thunderbolt
    Mr. Thunderbolt


  • Tony Malone
    Tony Malone

    Play subnautica I want to see you suffer.

  • ARatInATopHat

    Oh I know a lady who breeds and sells Servals! They’re so cute :)

  • banana Studios
    banana Studios

    its sead bye kal

  • RioWrath

    This man is down bad

  • Theodore Campbell
    Theodore Campbell

    Angel's brother if anyone watches hazbin hotel

  • Orthodox Pup
    Orthodox Pup

    The mount fuji bit would be funny if I didn't live in the same country as "the pap of Glencoe"

  • Rebecca Sumby
    Rebecca Sumby

    2:30 Jack Sakura in Japanese translates into cherry blossom you do know this right?

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