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  • its just keith (dc2)
    its just keith (dc2)


  • The guy who asked
    The guy who asked

    7:45 you should be worried when you get to the 5 hour mark

  • Extreme Demon
    Extreme Demon

    "When the bees kill a wasp in the bee documentary" "When the bees kill a wasp in the bee documentary" yes he said the same sentence twice

  • Luke’s Friend Athan
    Luke’s Friend Athan

    My friends with PS4s : Me who took me and my mom’s shared Nintendo Switch for myself : 👁👄👁

  • ItzReagan 2009
    ItzReagan 2009

    the part about Colorado, im going there to visit family next week and ill keep a look out for those balloons

  • Thuy Tran
    Thuy Tran

    Be St St Yles

    • Thuy Tran
      Thuy Tran

      Edit: I restarted at 42 secs

  • Coco Crazy
    Coco Crazy

    The way he said "welcome"

  • Fabbrizio Plays
    Fabbrizio Plays

    Reminder that world hunger is not an underproduction problem. As a species, we produce nearly twice as much food as it would take to feed everyone on earth. The problem is failure to distribute the food to where it is needed. The problem is a significant chunk of the food we produce going to waste.

  • {Rose_Petals}

    Your joe expression is just WOW!

  • MiloTheAnimator

    it took me 3 years to find out where the R3 and L3 buttons were until i googled it

  • LonelyShota

    Well, i pee sitting down- DON'T JUDGE ME OK IT'S MUCH EASIER & COMFORTABLE So this isn't much of a dilema to me

  • PalvonisYT

    Random video I click. Its memes I like. And for some reason I subscribed for no reason or regret. This is the first time I saw your channel and I immediately liked and sub without question.

  • Sullivan Dietsch
    Sullivan Dietsch

    3:50 jaiden animations?!

  • yeetus that cleetus
    yeetus that cleetus

    By the way, The R3 button is the thumb stick. One of then

  • Mush-ee.

    5:08 The country i am in actually banned the website for few months saying that it was part of a terrorist team School was hard enough no need to give more trauma to it geez (it's open now)

  • Mace Omeara
    Mace Omeara

    2:34 yeah I've been there

  • Ssj Bread
    Ssj Bread

    If I remember right we use imperial because when we broke away as the colonies Britain was using it...but then Britain went over to metric. So what are we doing with imperial NOW?!

  • Frazer Heap
    Frazer Heap

    Fortnite is sooooo gay and sucks a big ol dictionary

  • Aaron Filion
    Aaron Filion

    Everyone in my house thinks I’m sleeping but I’m really trying to do is suppress the explosive laugh

  • Sorcha Mackay
    Sorcha Mackay


  • Cris Viveros
    Cris Viveros

    15:07 the realization that you have been in a coma for about more then 5 dozen years

  • amirna create's
    amirna create's

    2:48 Is no one gonna talk obout this douma and shinobu cosplay?

  • Sunny Litical
    Sunny Litical

    You have referred to the Denver International Airport as having a t-p celling now when friends from out of town ask it is the t-p airport

  • Lord Phantom
    Lord Phantom

    Minecraft one is true it hasnt died at all yet and its the most bought game and its 10 or 11 years old now

  • NotAGoat

    14:53 _THANK_ you. I _HATE_ r/whoosh with a _passion._ "Oh let's make fun of this guy for not getting this joke" just explain the joke to them like a decent human being instead of making them feel bad about something that is beyond their control.

  • NotAGoat

    14:17 Dude you have no idea. We are one of the _least_ genetically diverse species _on the planet._ There are almost 8 billion of us, and yet we have less genetic diversity in our _entire species_ than a single troop of chimpanzees.

  • NotAGoat

    12:03 Not Wolverine, but Deadpool maybe.

  • NotAGoat

    11:27 Can confirm. I've done a little work with assembly language for a class. It's a nightmare.

  • NotAGoat

    10:30 Was it really only 10 years?

  • NotAGoat

    3:15 The reason is probably simply that theaters were a dying business _before_ COVID. Turns out most people just prefer to watch movies in the comfort of their own homes.

  • G B Gaming
    G B Gaming

    "No game dies" Me: 𝑝𝑙𝑎𝑦𝑠 𝑝𝑜𝑘𝑒𝑚𝑜𝑛 𝑏𝑙𝑢𝑒 𝑜𝑛 𝑔𝑎𝑚𝑒𝑏𝑜𝑦

  • Truth Warriors
    Truth Warriors

    “The one wearing Pyjamas all day” Same

  • Shadow_MaidDressGroup

    I don't get dead mice or scratches from my cat- all my cat does is shit on my bed and my cat literally knows there's a litterbox

  • cat43

    6:45 i hate vegetables, but i love fruit *fight me*

  • mY SeLf
    mY SeLf

    1:45 I'm a guy but I got cousins and sisters this is tru I'm a teenager also and my friends dont call me moody as much as edgy, is that good or bad?

  • Truong Huyen Ngoc
    Truong Huyen Ngoc

    The first meme reminds me of "Get a snack at 4 am", that game in Roblox-

  • Sweet meeples
    Sweet meeples

    What worries me is that his mom is in a cage. That was sooooooooo last year, it’s snake pits now

  • Kaleb Gualandi
    Kaleb Gualandi

    The scaffolding ball is always there but you’ve never seen the ball before my theory was that the gym balls just grow up there and they pick them you don’t ever see the ball again so they sold it and then bought more dodgeballs that are almost never used

  • LexiEyesUnicorn

    9:00 literally because America hated the French. :/ if I remember correctly

  • Brenda Whiting
    Brenda Whiting

    14:30 why did you repeat yourself?


    Idk why but why does the school doesn't teach us how to pay taxes

  • Spidoc

    It's funny how people think Fortnite died. Wishful thinkers...

  • Roaring Peps
    Roaring Peps

    At 14:20 it is different if the teacher makes fun of Students with disabilities (adhd etc)

  • IceyyNova

    13:39 hold up what how this man is joe

  • Samuel Collins
    Samuel Collins

    I watched the first meme and felt pain. This truly is the worst channel on FIbill.

  • random person
    random person

    4:40 she then proceeds to destroy the cartilage in her hands after doing six frame perfect max distance wave dash's

  • Tyler “beachgamer36” Vanschaick
    Tyler “beachgamer36” Vanschaick

    Hey you know what is scarier than boo?!? Boobees(intentional spelling two jokes in one)

  • [ToF] Xman_Bunch 23
    [ToF] Xman_Bunch 23

    For xbox, you eaither get the bettrt controller, the same controller hes using, or a controller were one of the sticks or buttons dont work

  • Christopher Carroll
    Christopher Carroll

    5:28 where is roblox

  • Nameless Nightingale
    Nameless Nightingale

    About the metric system one, yeah, America just copied Britain, who created the Imperial system, and Britain switched to the metric system, while America just kept using the Imperial system.

  • StaxBruh

    "There's no such thing as a dead game" Plant vs Zombies franchise: haha... *cries*

  • Sekitan

    the r3 one tho is facts when i got my ps4 we got sims 4 and we were going through the tutorial and it said press r3 and me and my mum were so confused even after googling it then i accidently pressed it thats ihow i work out r3 and l3

  • Mix It
    Mix It

    Will Will Smith Smith Will Smith? Yes, Will Smith Will Smith Will Smith. Think about it hard. It makes sense. Here's it divided into sections for you: Will - Will Smith - Smith - Will Smith? - - Yes, - Will Smith - Will Smith - Will Smith -

  • TrainTubbie

    13:46 Beyles Stst

  • PGU Studios
    PGU Studios

    Fun fact: I regularly burn my taste buds off with fish sticks

  • Dat epic boi H S
    Dat epic boi H S

    Dam just tried to like the video after already liking it

  • :v

    1:44 wait Men do not menstruate?!

  • Nick Bacon
    Nick Bacon

    well good news, GRADEAUNDERA IS BACK!

  • red saaryn
    red saaryn

    Let's be real here robin, you can't say a game doesn't die...if you get into a game that it's strictly multiplayer but there's no fan base or players playing it then the game died, you won't be able to get into matches because there won't be other players! NOW! Games with single player THOSE NEVER DIE!

  • William Garten
    William Garten

    Me: i didnt think that could be a meme Reddit: anything and everything is a meme

  • Mike Olewine
    Mike Olewine

    Fall guys fail not dead minecraft eternal

  • Raccoon Boi
    Raccoon Boi

    13:49 is this meant to be pefrect so I cant misread it... BEYLES STST

  • someone random
    someone random

    Robin: hey hey hey Bokuto: are you copying me

  • Nationalsgaming7227

    1:47 my dad found blood in his toilet and ended up having 3 Tumors one big one and 2 small ones in his colon. And he has stage 3 colon cancer with it. If you see blood. Go get it checked.

  • HitTheSign

    Me: Finishes Breaking Bad show Also me: Sees Jesse and Walt I KNOW THOSE GUYS!!!

  • TheReaperOfLykos76

    13:40 shit why is nobody talking about how spit on that sounded?


    Gym scoffolding ball. I almost caused one and then my friend did . It was a bean bag that got stuck up there. We said nothing

  • TimeTravelingCapsule_1963

    14:29 when the bees kill a wasp in the bee documentary WHEN THE BEES KILL A WASP IN THE BEE DOCUMENTARY

  • Liam Bryant
    Liam Bryant

    5:31 Arms:I died after 1 week!

  • Michael Esterline
    Michael Esterline

    Just got a ad it said how it feels to chew 6 gum then it showed a cool anime clip now that’s the first time I’ve seen a ad as a meme

  • Dragon Fire
    Dragon Fire

    When you realize your old but your 14

  • Sacrimony

    "There's no such thing as a dead game." Cries in Avengers Academy

  • Gil Martinez
    Gil Martinez

    2:33 wait so you're telling me that you took a lot of time trying to figure out the R3 button on the ps4🤔? I got it first time.

  • Haze

    I lost my world that way too. I cut down my old house to create a new one, and died. Mind you, I had full diamond, and respawned straight back home.

  • Manuel Guerrero
    Manuel Guerrero

    Me at 13:45: BEYLES STST

  • VlaDDrakkeN

    3:18 Because Theaters really were just held up by the culture of it. When the digital age came, the idea of theaters became more and more a outdated idea, including when streaming services came in. Covid was basically their meteor event. When people had to self isolate and theaters were closed. When things opened back up, Theaters, at least a very good chunk of them, remained close cause they just economically were not salivant. They will probably be like Malls and only really able to stay afloat in well populated areas where its normal. Also, in case people forgot, Theaters are fucking expensive. You go in with like a 10 dollar fucking ticket, and then what? Twenty dollar bowl of pop corn and a ten dollar soda? That shit was expensive then and people just see streaming as a cheaper alternative. Yeah I would love to see a movie in a theater, especially the DUNE movie coming out later this year, but I can't say I'm surprised that our local theater(And the closest one around) is dead. Also the economy is shit for most people at or below the middle class. 3:57 "Forget about your college work, you won't need it here!" *Then why the fuck do you require it to get a job?*

  • Nisrasha

    8:50 we didn't start our own thing this started in England and we happened to have a revolutionary war right before it was abandoned so we ended up keeping it while the rest of the world advanced

  • Coolgaming

    Fortnite dead, and if it rises agein it will personaly shoot it Down agein ahaha

  • AL Playz
    AL Playz


  • Zyanid Warfare
    Zyanid Warfare

    Wait cyberpunk got fixed? I bought it and when I bought it it DIDNT EVEN BOOT UP

  • Magmarxio Gaming
    Magmarxio Gaming

    5:19 I've always hated when people say games are dead, but nothing will ever beat people saying that they hate this game but immediately play another round of it. If you hate that game then why are they still playing it, it's such a stupid double negative

  • nexus1g

    Pfft, those plebs need a simple system for smoothbrains that work on powers of 10, because they can't handle our unnecessarily complex system made specifically to stimulate our wrinkly bois.

  • Fluffydoor

    When america was part of great Brittan they used feet, inches, miles, etc. So we did as well. Once america gained it's independence from Great Brittan we kept the same system and they changed to the metric system. (I don't know what the American system is called)

  • Chantal Rhode
    Chantal Rhode

    The eskom meme is a meme about the blackouts in south africa where I stay and how they don't want to fix the power gens so where I live we basically get 1 to 2 black outs a day

  • Charles Jones
    Charles Jones

    Wow, that was an impressive Patrick Warburton impression.

  • Pot heads
    Pot heads

    Took me 3y years and a trip to iraq to find the r3 button

  • _Axsthetic.Adiyxt_

    14:33 he says bee instead of a wasp

  • Zelmat Toma Nicolas
    Zelmat Toma Nicolas

    MAN i wear pajamas all day!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ink and Error
    Ink and Error

    13:22 fucking P A N D O R A

  • Game Time
    Game Time

    3:40 I liked the video just because this meme

  • Hello I hate my life
    Hello I hate my life

    12:33 what was this guys name again?

  • Johnathan Berumen
    Johnathan Berumen

    Trust me when I say I've always reloaded the remoat

  • Storm Aurora
    Storm Aurora

    Me 21 years old: “what’s ‘r3?’”

  • ClearTrackSpeed

    2:33 11 years old? Dudes I learned the R3 button when I was 5

  • Andrea Fussaro
    Andrea Fussaro

    4:48 asexuals

  • Andrea Fussaro
    Andrea Fussaro

    4:25 demon slayer: I do not fall victim to such weakness

  • Parker TDM
    Parker TDM

    2:05 Why is that a rule? What did a little brother do to deserve that?

  • EpicLDGK

    13:47 *BEYLES ST ST*

  • Nickolas Portillo
    Nickolas Portillo

    14:25 Emkay: When a bee kills a wasp in the bee documentary. Also Emkay: When the bee kills a wasp in a bee documentary Me: Like what tf..?

  • Joseph Burger
    Joseph Burger

    1+1 A:2 B:1 C:potato