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  • Julian Garcia
    Julian Garcia

    9:23 I believe what you were trying to say was "I got a rich daddy, and got to spend his money"

  • Sindra Jenkins
    Sindra Jenkins

    2:35 *"I am probably the smartest redditor you will ever interact with"* That's not saying much, to be honest.

  • хрен с горы
    хрен с горы

    I clicked on this video only to see if people recognized AVGN in the thumbnail. Faith in humanity restored.

  • Jax Barron
    Jax Barron

    Fucking love this shit - "for anyone with an IQ of 120+, it's a lonely dark time. You can't even talk to anyone because they are so fucking stupid now." Honey, I technically have an IQ of 156 and can confirm that your loneliness has nothing to do with your supposed IQ, and everything to do with the fact that you're clearly just a painfully unlikeable person. Tiny rant bc I gotta: The IQ argument used in the context of like, conversations and vocabulary is so dumb. IQ measures pure logical reasoning and nothing else. The purpose of using it is for the two extreme sides because once that part of your brain is active or inactive enough it starts to bleed into everything else. Even if "genius" is tchnically 120, it doesn't start to actually matter until around 135/140+, and even when it does, it doesn't mean you are incapable of understanding conversational language like a normal fucking person, it means you have difficulty differentiating between when a moment calls for a logical or emotional response. It honestly fucking sucks sometimes like I'd rather have been born with an average IQ and just worked my way to a higher one (yeah because that's something you can do so these assholes ain't special) than be born with a technically genius level IQ that prevented me from being able to emotionally connect with others as a small child. Shitty teenage (mostly) boys saying all this dumb pretentious shit makes it impossible for IQ to be seen as anything other than an annoying brag/excuse that is easier to just pretend it doesn't exist for the sake of making people like that shut the fuck up. Like this is an issue that I have and I have medical evaluations to prove it but my psychiatrist fully just doesn't believe me. I try to talk to people and they treat me like I'm an asshole or just trying to find an excuse to brag about my IQ level. anyway rant over - thanks if you read through all of that :)

  • Sakura Ryuji
    Sakura Ryuji

    That one post of 6 degrees, did he mean the site or in person six degree of separation? Regardless, any person dealing with that op attitude outside blood relations must dread their presence dealing with that on a daily basis. FYI: I remember my dad having one of those 6 degree things for work contacts but that site has shut down for a while then came back up. Feel free to look it up on wiki for more information. Just thought I share what I remember. That’s a heck of a nostalgia trip for me to hear that.

  • Catalina Plaza
    Catalina Plaza

    I’m not that smart, but at least I’m not this dumb

  • Eleonorada 95
    Eleonorada 95


  • Sabian Griffin
    Sabian Griffin

    Ah yes, plain english words like quid pro quo. Very english word right there

  • Sabian Griffin
    Sabian Griffin

    If you use emojis in a post about your intelligence, you clearly aren't intelligent

  • Sabian Griffin
    Sabian Griffin

    Motley Crüe isn't quite as stupid as you'd think. Music talent still takes some basic brain capacity, especially when composing, and they knew how to make money off an audience. I'll hand it to them

  • Sabian Griffin
    Sabian Griffin

    Jack, an Aussie who knows nothing of the glorious food that is enchiladas Me, an intellectual: You poor soul, book yourself a flight to mexico once it's safe and have some of those tasty tasty cheese doused baked burrito

  • Wyatt Cortez
    Wyatt Cortez

    These are probably 14 year olds going through a phase

  • ChainChomper Lives On
    ChainChomper Lives On

    i now want to punch something at exactly 5313 mph

  • Siphonix92

    Guy on the thumbnail looks like thin peter griffin

  • Sophie Wilson
    Sophie Wilson

    i swear most people dont realize that albert einsteins iq was 130

  • just vanillastardust
    just vanillastardust

    This video is buns

  • TheKartoN

    can someone explain to me why is james rolfe aka angry video game nerd on the thumbnail?

  • Bright Lamp
    Bright Lamp

    9:31 Oh and this guy totally went to college, not like hes lying on the internet lol

  • Yelloh Lime
    Yelloh Lime

    The cringe was not instant and my day was ruined

  • Jaiso The Positive Pessimist
    Jaiso The Positive Pessimist

    I don't like how political these readings get sometimes

  • zomzomino

    11:04 i have an iq of more then 120 and autism, and even i have better social skills then him. maybe thats why he finds it hard to talk to people.

  • zomzomino

    5:17 my little cousin built a working car without instructions using lego mechanic parts.

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M

    You don't do AVGN like that

  • ToxicSocks 24
    ToxicSocks 24

    These are the type of people that will see their IQ at the very top of the bell curve and believe they are smarter that *Einstein.*

  • senso

    11:15 bruh thats how makeshift is spelt how dumb can you be

  • N V
    N V

    6:07 While trying to sound smart, this guy actually called himself denser than most people.

  • James Head
    James Head

    How dare your thumbnail disrespect the avgn

  • DÒctØ_ ØctÓ
    DÒctØ_ ØctÓ

    11:11 Wait.. Isn't it Make *HYPHEN* shift, (Note: For those of you who don't know what a hyphen is, this is a hyphen: - ) instead of Makeshift?

  • Redd Rahvett
    Redd Rahvett

    Why you putting fuckn James Rolfe as the thumbnail of the video? He's literally the most humble person out there.

  • Beanie Boi
    Beanie Boi

    Can we just point out that the person at 12:45 is also part of r/confidentlyIncorrect

  • Lyca31

    Somebody should make a post on Reddit asking: Regardless of IQ, who is the smartest person on Reddit? Who has the most intelligent and insightful views on the world today? Or something like that. And just watch all the pompous, pretentious people argue that they are smartest.

  • Vg Fish
    Vg Fish

    Life hack, if someone asks for a book recommendation because there so smart, suggest how to listen to jazz. It’s simple with the first read but gets more complex every time you read it do to a better understanding of jazz and music in general. That’ll shut them up. Unless they’ve read it then idk.

  • Abdulsamad Ahmad
    Abdulsamad Ahmad


  • Liam Read
    Liam Read

    Throughout this video I kept thinking the lumpy space princess from adventure time was reacting to the posts

  • WhiteFoxGames *
    WhiteFoxGames *

    Ok is it just me or is 99.9% of what we call smart people really just idiots that learned a little more than everyone else

  • lady death
    lady death


  • end 057
    end 057

    0:10 UNACCEPTABLEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yong Grey
    Yong Grey

    Haven't been back on this channel in a while, but dude, did your accent change?

  • Talyn has time
    Talyn has time

    A truly smart person is someone who acknowledges there is much they do not know. -several people throughout history, most likely

  • Antonio Parra
    Antonio Parra

    Why would you bring AVGN into this video? Dam

  • ji xuan
    ji xuan

    First one: murdered by words

  • SubPar Broadcasts
    SubPar Broadcasts

    12:46 pretty sure he is wrong, thic² is thi(c)² thicthic would be t²h²i²c² so the smartass is actually just making themself stupid yet again

  • SubPar Broadcasts
    SubPar Broadcasts

    8:37 gotta love it when they randomly make it a gender thing

  • Regulas Arkus
    Regulas Arkus

    So smart they can turn on full r€+@rd and can't turn it off

  • chase creegan
    chase creegan

    i think i have average intelect and have been told im smart i don’t believe that one bit

  • David Alvaro
    David Alvaro

    I think I’m smart, but I admit I may be wrong about things, including the “I’m smart” statement I made. I also am okay with people who are smarter and dumber than me. Feel free to read this and think any thought, and reply any reply you want. I’m not going to go after you if I disagree with your posts. Also, I’d want you to like this comment, but you don’t have to. I think I’ve typed a long comment, so I’ll stop here. Have a great day.

  • Wonton WRLD
    Wonton WRLD

    7:49 wrong your lol

  • ScotsWarrior95

    Can you change the thumbnail please? James Rolfe is a decent guy and doesn't deserve to be compared to these knobs.

  • Whifues

    nO bRo, FoRtNiTe WoRd "MaKeShIfT" hAs No SpAcE!!!!11!

  • Runzi333

    If ID was free and easy to obtain then less people would be against needing it to vote. As it is now it's just an excuse to exclude poor people from voting x.x

  • The Brain
    The Brain

    Wait... isn't the YA genre for people 12-18? Like... if you're finding them easy at 21 you're pretty on track with reading. Average I'd say. That said, if you're over 21 and enjoy the YA genre there's nothing wrong with that, just a strange thing to brag about. "I find books, aimed at people 3-9 years younger than me, about coming of age boring."

  • TirushOne

    4:36 an ad play when halfway through saying the word ignorance and it was perfect.

  • Emilyn Asmodahlia
    Emilyn Asmodahlia

    7:04 I get the feeling this one belongs on r\whoosh too - I'm guessing from the context the person they are replying to made a joke referring to that Invader Zim episode with all the organs xD

  • Mathieu Lazari
    Mathieu Lazari

    8:21 : isn't it Mega meters ?

  • Mathieu Lazari
    Mathieu Lazari

    i love this subreddit as it is basicallly a "tough guy" copypasta .

  • Marshmallow

    2:30 what the lump man

  • Communism Russia
    Communism Russia

    Let's see your iq block these hands

  • Rose Girard
    Rose Girard

    2:57 the "dumb as dirt" is funny considering the book's name

  • Charlie Bradshaw
    Charlie Bradshaw

    Okay the math one got me really hard. This coming from a drop out chemistry student who got his degree in history, Math, although a concept created from humans, has helped prove a lot of universal ideas in chemistry. Without math, we probably would be doing some form of Alchemy still.

  • Dongju Heo
    Dongju Heo

    Dudes and dudettes of Emkay, are you disrespecting our lord and savior Angry Video Game Nerd?

  • Rainbow Dash Shades of Approval
    Rainbow Dash Shades of Approval

    "click for instant cringe." I was not disappointed.

  • Vipper Blaze
    Vipper Blaze

    what's funny about that last one is the person doing the correction is correct but went about it in a completely unnecessary way in algebra, each letter is taking the place of a variable thic would be 4 variables multiplied together thic^2 is identical to thi(c)^2 so it doesn't even matter which way you do it

  • Vipper Blaze
    Vipper Blaze

    I'm pretty sure IQ isn't even a measure of intelligence it's a measure of how well you can identify patterns and how accurately you can apply them

  • John. com and Friends
    John. com and Friends

    Why did the nerd be treated this way

  • Dheatly Blaze
    Dheatly Blaze

    1:21 literally dont ask this to anyone you're not close with. Its fucking annoying

  • Creepys land of dreams 123789
    Creepys land of dreams 123789

    4:34 this just makes me angry because physics is just hard math.

  • Creepys land of dreams 123789
    Creepys land of dreams 123789

    no one is smarter than anyone else, they just now about different things and put different amounts of work in learning.

  • Zetawatch

    That math problem at the end made my head hurt.

  • Dregar Forth
    Dregar Forth

    Just thought I'd point this out. The Freemasons are not a club for intellectually superior people. It's a very top tier club for very wealthy people. They donated a shit tonne of Ambulances, Mobile Units, Ambulance Cars, etc. to St John Ambulance a few years back. They're awesome! (Note: I don't know much else about them, this is just what I've heard)

  • Dwayne The Rocco Johnson
    Dwayne The Rocco Johnson

    I am quite intelligent myself and need you to apologize to all these people. Thanks in advance. Jk

  • MasterGamer Cringe
    MasterGamer Cringe

    I is itelemegent

  • Weedb

    Your IQ isn’t your intellect it’s how fast you can think/learn/the flexibility of your mind. People aren’t dumb because of it being low

  • Sono Baka Yousei
    Sono Baka Yousei

    Not to be completely rude but I'm on the right, however; I've no problem with gays or transgenders. I actually think we need to remove the left and right and diverse ourselves more so we aren't divided

  • Kydatyvegrybatokeanvisoko

    6:22 I THINK the context is a video of an astronaut who drops a pen, forgetting he's not in 0G anymore

  • BaBa BaBa
    BaBa BaBa

    AVGN is not like this how dare you put him on the thumbnail

  • FinnJoy O_O
    FinnJoy O_O

    The last post is actually incorrect. This guy thought he was smart by saying Thic^2 is not equal to Thi(c)^2, but that's just not true. The left is the excact same as the right. I think this guy thought Thicc^2 would be equal to (Thicc)^2, but since these are all letters, it is actually more equal to T*h*i*c^2 because they all multiply eachother which means the firstguy was right.

  • Eric Pinteralli
    Eric Pinteralli

    10:45 or Muslims in the Middle East denying gays the right to exist by giving them free flying lessons

  • nothing boi e
    nothing boi e

    Me at the end of any r/ianverysmart video: *frozen in place with eyes widened and a smile across my face that just says no, also my hands are holding up my head and my vision is slightly blurry from the attention i didnt care to pay because these people that try to make everyone gain braincells are making me lose 'em*

  • David Alvaro
    David Alvaro

    0:41-1:00 “spiritually” and “metaphysically”? Do you mean making posts that do psychic damage to the unfortunate reader(s)?

  • Jessica Lee
    Jessica Lee

    First guy talking about his xray vision and being so intelligent, but couldn't use the correct form of "its". He used "it's". Wrong. Bragging debunked, lol.

  • Purple Wurmple
    Purple Wurmple

    don't do the avgn like that dude

  • Zerindd

    Why is angryvideogamenerd on the thumbnail he is an og chad

  • Blue scooby Snack
    Blue scooby Snack

    I’m right leaning but holy shit the extremist on both sides are so damn cringe

  • Prathmesh Kulkarni
    Prathmesh Kulkarni

    Only great people know that the first post was kangana Ranaut's tweet haha

  • RetardLemon

    The funniest part is that they really aren’t that intelligent. One of the main rules of the internet is that anything you say will be disagreed with. Not to mention they have intense amounts of ignorance to literally everything so they can feed their egos. They’re narcissistic assholes who couldn’t even get invited into a circle jerk.

  • Kira Viole
    Kira Viole

    My grandpa was in mensa and always would give me an answer to things. When I asked how he knew he just said "Sometimes, I make things up."

  • Ilikegames

    "People who brag about their iq are losers" -Stephen Hawking

  • Valgient

    Well Jack doesn’t want to smile back today so I will (:

  • kool kid
    kool kid

    i have an iq of 118 witch basicaly means i am smarter than 90% of the population and am failing school so iq doesnt matter it is like bragging about not having a girfriend.

  • dogiscute1234

    My guy just searched up nerd and found a picture. Little did he know that was avgn

  • Michael DellaRocco
    Michael DellaRocco

    Why did you bring avgn into this

  • gennix

    8:40 what part of that was mansplaining lmao he was answering a question, if that's all it takes to "mansplain" then by god we are all sexist

  • ARK_Alcor

    Now I don't have a degree in mathmetology, but wouldn't thicthic be t²h²i²c² or (thic)²?

  • Magnum McCoy
    Magnum McCoy

    Wow you are all so dumb. I am have IQ of 203 so you should be thinking what about think about

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira

    Why is James from Cinemassacre being used for the title card, he's not one of those "I am very smart" guys and he doesn't really suit the text with it. I mean he has a wife and kids

  • H.G _Gacha
    H.G _Gacha

    If i ever met one of these people in the wild I'd just say: "As my friend once said, "true wisdom comes from stupidity" Therefore my stupidity makes me smarter than you"

  • tr1p1ea

    Don't do avgn like that yo.

  • [ Frey exists. ]
    [ Frey exists. ]

    10:59 exactly. i have aspergers, and even i'm better at social interactions than these people, holy heck. the difference is that i don't go around claiming to be the smartest person on earth to other people, i just sometimes miss social cues and say the wrong thing to someone because again, i don't understand social cues. but i would still rather have a few friends and be bad at social situations, than be a self-obsessed prick with no friends because 'no one understands my intellect' (maybe that's because there is none, you absolute buffoon).

  • Mario Miletty
    Mario Miletty

    IQ of 120? Oh the weak minded ones can always stand at the door but never enter the side of pure genius like me who’s an IQ of 300

  • J L
    J L

    Wicked smaht