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  • Elongated Muskrat
    Elongated Muskrat

    3:37 I’m sorry but someone has to say it. Why the long face.

  • Oswaldo Acosta Padilla
    Oswaldo Acosta Padilla

    This dude is gay or something?

  • Cheese_Thingyt

    Just realized the duck image has a weed mask in the background.

  • ItsAsh&Nugget

    I got two new kittens today and it's just makes me want to go and hug them

  • Scorpion Rutin (Rodolfo Bacod)
    Scorpion Rutin (Rodolfo Bacod)

    The beginning was already enough to get me wheezing. XD

  • Heather Webster
    Heather Webster

    Who heard Dixie and thought of hamanations/Brysons dog

  • CrazyGreenFluff

    but y is it called eye bleach? the sub is full of cute thinks, i bleach is for when u need to go blind becus u saw something horrible ._.

  • freeNode5

    she got cut off at the end :(

  • Robot Robert
    Robot Robert

    Lexi yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

  • John President
    John President

    Hmmmm What if Lexi squealing at cute things was actually the real cute thing!

  • Tom Reidel
    Tom Reidel

    why just why

  • Djark Wendeln
    Djark Wendeln

    Two colloured eyes are heterochromia too @lexi

  • Eliza Wilson (Sniperfangirl)
    Eliza Wilson (Sniperfangirl)

    my mom‘s dog bleps every single time she sleeps and I mean every. single. goddamn time

  • Eliza Wilson (Sniperfangirl)
    Eliza Wilson (Sniperfangirl)

    3:54) that is a baby bobcat and the reason their feet are so large is that they use them as snowshoes distributing their weight so they don’t fall through the snow

  • Frosting Phaser Gaming
    Frosting Phaser Gaming

    regarding the cat patch, when cats do that it means they want too play and if you scratch their stomach they will turn you're hand into swiss cheese, believe me own 4 cats

  • ObsidianDragon616

    I know how to boop the snoot through a screen. 1- Get an old big CRT TV. 2-Gut it and get rid of any poky bits. 3-Insert animal bed. 4-Just add an appropriate animal. the screen could be turned into a flap door or use a piece of acrylic plastic as a screen flap door.

  • NeeksArt

    The cat does have heterochromia. Just a different kind. I have central, the cat has sectoral/segmental.

  • optimus prime
    optimus prime

    I have never agreed with anyone more than this guy

  • Jonathan

    I don't know if it has been said yet, but yes the large paws are normal. It happens to all mammals as far as I know. You can tell how big a dog is going to grow based on the size of its paws.

  • Joseph vanHaaften
    Joseph vanHaaften

    I have cute sausage chiwawa fox ear small dog that is doing great send you photo later bye Lexi

  • Joseph O'neill
    Joseph O'neill


  • -purple_person135 -
    -purple_person135 -

    My cat loves when I pick him up go to my room and put him on my chest then he sleeps for hours with me

  • Questionair


  • Snake Serpentino
    Snake Serpentino

    Does anyone else think Lexi is so cute when reacting to cute animals?

  • Julien Lapointe
    Julien Lapointe

    7:10 Dog Sans

  • Pearlision

    today my eye's were literally covered in bleach

  • Zelia Eastman
    Zelia Eastman

    Don't get r/eyebleach mixed up with r/eyeblech

  • Healer Of The Waters
    Healer Of The Waters

    3:50 That is a bobcat. They do, indeed, have giant feets. I should know because I had a half domestic cat and bobcat mix and not only was he huge but so were his feets. He was my big cuddle buddy and I miss him every day I'm alive.

  • James King
    James King

    3:43 I think that's a Lynx cat from the shape of its ears and the size of its feet (Fun fact: The reason why a Lynx's feet are that big is to help them walk on snow thanks to the large surface area, it acts like snowshoes for the cat)

  • Gamer

    I always will remember the mispelling of eyebleach on reddit, and I will never forget what I saw

  • Foxedboxed

    Lexi is my favorite

  • Random user
    Random user

    7:57 R U G

  • Shauna Authier
    Shauna Authier

    3:50 That is a Canadian lynx, and yes their feet are large. They are so stinking adorable though

  • Luna LPS Gacha
    Luna LPS Gacha

    8:41 corn snek! i can tell by the spear point pattern on its head!

  • Wally Wallace
    Wally Wallace

    I was wearing my snake (I call her my lady because her name doesn't suit her anymore) when you saw the snake and I got excited because there were two snakes in my sight at the time.

  • Michael B.
    Michael B.

    Eyebleach or earbleach?

  • Galaxydeer

    The only things cats is, is that they are equally annoying adorable and intimidating

  • Galaxydeer

    8:34 i literary started screaming!!!

  • Анета Борисова
    Анета Борисова

    7:06 sans irl

  • Reality Glitch
    Reality Glitch

    4:20 No, but I feel actual emotional pain in my brain.

  • Weirdos VIDIOgames reborn
    Weirdos VIDIOgames reborn

    bruh that bird was painted the signature is still there

  • Michele Castellotti
    Michele Castellotti

    3:54 might be a baby bobcat

  • Elizabeth Hall
    Elizabeth Hall

    A baby bobcat! That's the one with the big feets. Or a lynx.

  • Elijah Edwards
    Elijah Edwards

    Thank you just got back from watching people being beheaded and needed something cute to not throw up:) But seriously my stomach hurts

  • Les asf
    Les asf

    i think lexi will have a cuteness attack if she sees my dogs puppy eyes (they get to the size of like a penny or quarter)-

  • Yokare672

    when hat in time seal

  • Serene (Bees Kneez)
    Serene (Bees Kneez)

    Me squealing that Lexi is doing another Eye Bleach!!! :D

  • Grace Taylor
    Grace Taylor

    lexi just cut out-

  • Memez_R_ Life
    Memez_R_ Life

    3:53 I think that the kitten was a bobcat kitten. Since bobcats are bigger than a standard house cat it would then have big paws just like you would see with a 6-month-old German Shepard.

  • Maxwell Bown
    Maxwell Bown

    7:03 Sans

  • StoopyGamer

    Me when i see this video: *melts to liquid* Lexi: *explodes of cuteness*

  • Jorge

    3:47 its a bobcat

  • Kaushela Shrestha
    Kaushela Shrestha

    Cat more beautiful in dress than lady but dogo good to

  • Mystix_ hour
    Mystix_ hour

    you: cats are very good at landing on their feet my cat: falls off bed onto the ground then my cat makes his own bed on the ground and wont let me touch him unless he decides to go to me

  • Will Tereika
    Will Tereika

    Olive the cat has Segmental Heterochromia, otherwise known as Heterochromia iridis.

  • Griffin Schwartz
    Griffin Schwartz

    Lexi when they invent booming technology: I'LL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK

  • ☆ Itices
    ☆ Itices

    "Where I get to squee at cute animals on the internet and you get to deal with it" Well, seems like I've found the best content on FIbill

  • Billy Ja Wonka
    Billy Ja Wonka

    finally i found lexi again i was scared she disappeared Edit: i forgot she did the diwhy video yesterday but you get the point

  • Floofy Fox Gal
    Floofy Fox Gal

    Lexi is an icon, and so, so inspirational!


    I found a whole list of where to find some snacks! ^ l

  • The lol cool7
    The lol cool7

    emkay thanks for being an amazing channel and made my day better i was welling kinda sad but you guys made my day

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez

    Me: is leaving my childhood elementary school Lexi: (does anything) Me: (hapiness noise)

  • Kamp Kyriopoulos
    Kamp Kyriopoulos

    My friend: what’s your favorite ship Me: Lexi X r/eyebleach My friend:But r/eyebleach is a- Me: SHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSH I know that but they still belong perfectly together My friend: (oh great she’s sparkling)

  • Lauzarus

    The falcon looks like a pidgeon mated with a falcon. Im sorry but it is what it is😂

  • The human that plays weird games
    The human that plays weird games

    3:48 I think it's a lynx

  • CyB

    came here after watching people get their heads blownoff by shotguns

  • LS 45
    LS 45

    How did u not know there are wild hedgehogs

  • Tara Harmon
    Tara Harmon

    sad news my dog Zeus is.............. dead

  • CAT 9879
    CAT 9879

    3:43 the dog looks like its name is kesha

  • Sarah Gray
    Sarah Gray

    The kitten with huge paws is a lynx. They grow to about twice the size of a house cat, have a thick double coat and the large paws help them walk in deep snow.

  • Jade Obsession
    Jade Obsession

    3:53 i think is a baby bobcat

  • Dale Weddle
    Dale Weddle

    4:20 yes i do lexi it hurts like hell

  • Morhgoz

    What toilet paper? We have here these things called bidettes aka arseshowers. So you can was your arse after you have taken dump while still sitting on that toilet...

  • Joshua Cox
    Joshua Cox

    what do you mean I have to bare with you squealing at cute animals I'm squealing WITH you

  • kaitlyn brinkerhoff
    kaitlyn brinkerhoff

    The cat with large feet is a bobcat if anyone wanted to know.



  • blubberry

    all lexi wants is to hug every animal in r/Eyebleach and r/awww and r/wholesomememes

  • Danny Dorrito
    Danny Dorrito

    I can confirm that Patches did indeed get all of his belly rubs.

  • Mega elemental Ninja
    Mega elemental Ninja

    And this is why when any cute things are on emkay Lexi can handle it

  • idontfaking know
    idontfaking know

    why is this on *eyebleach* it should be on r/cuteness 😔✋

  • Luci_fer 420
    Luci_fer 420

    In this episode you see lexi turn into chubaca

  • Kirbo the almighty
    Kirbo the almighty

    5:55 Heckin meow

  • Sestican

    I was today 19 years old when i realised the hand of the EmKay logo is backwards

  • Josh Dunahoo
    Josh Dunahoo

    Lexi every time r/eyebleach comes up: there should be warning for this level of cute!!

  • Blueray Devin
    Blueray Devin

    UK has wild hedgehogs but they are endangered, lot of them die on roads T_T

  • I Don't
    I Don't

    Robin & Jack: Why do we have to read TIHI and ATBGE while Lexi gets to watch cute animals? Lexi: oh no... it's umm....painful oh noooooo

  • Caleb Garza
    Caleb Garza

    The was no parakeets... my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

  • 𝔏𝔢𝔫𝔫𝔶

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • wer57 LPs
    wer57 LPs

    That feeling when Lexi calls me sexy at the beginning of her videos ^.^

  • briennabradley


  • Lisa Gibson
    Lisa Gibson

    this is sooooo sweet i just cant sbdifvidhfbvpsdiufbvp :D

  • Too lazy for name
    Too lazy for name

    Lexi is my favorite No offense 😔

  • kmart

    Oh those big feets? Thats a Lynx!!! Big wild cat native to a lot of places with variations specific to those places

  • Karmaa

    Whats up Sexy, I'm lexi!

  • Ethan C
    Ethan C

    1:28 "I am cozy you are now cozy too boop boop aughm sghAHPAJafpqixHDAkshagaKJKhh shh if u wake him i will personally come to your house and replace all of your toilet paper with lego bricks dont u dare" The funniest part of the video

  • Violet and Grass!
    Violet and Grass!

    This reminded me of my youngest cat. We got her when she was three months old. She was so adorable that my family HAD to get her. She’s is basically a lazier version of Korra from legend of Korra. That’s why we named her Korra :)

  • Martina Notari
    Martina Notari

    I think I've just fallen in love with his voice please 🥺✨

  • Sajan Massner
    Sajan Massner

    I to am mildly allergic to cat

  • Rusty .Thebanite
    Rusty .Thebanite

    3:43 - that is a wet bobcat. Those giant paws are absolutely normal and adorable. Adnormalble.

  • Fofa Faten
    Fofa Faten

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!