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  • Robert Thompson
    Robert Thompson

    For everyone asking for the timestamp of “I don’t Nature” it’s at 0:49 have a good day

  • GymbalLock

    7:05 "cars are not children!" King Solomon approves.

  • Chloe Martin
    Chloe Martin

    I would make that doll planter tho

  • Aiden Wetherington
    Aiden Wetherington

    0:04 looks like one of those mages that look like something but not really

  • Wojciech Muras
    Wojciech Muras

    2:08 I'd unironicaly put this in my yard.

  • Jorden Strother
    Jorden Strother

    The Thumbnail isn’t a DIWhy it’s a DISTAHP

  • Shadow Dio
    Shadow Dio

    Lexi.exe has stopped working.

  • ThisPinkFox

    5:00 Best Jeanist

  • Internet father
    Internet father

    You think Lexi having a breakdown looking at grass bread is funny?

  • Siddarth Sivabalan
    Siddarth Sivabalan

    Lexi just has a mental breakdown after looking at bread-grass. Classic.

  • MetalSmith

    4:37 why cant it be both? *sets cup down* welp, there it goes, off into space

  • Erin The Great
    Erin The Great

    3:01 i can already hear someone saying "sHeS a WoMaN!1! ShE WoUlDnT KnOw!!!111!"

  • GlamourJinx

    Lexi's mortal enemies are people who cut cars in half, I swear 😂😂

  • Kadeem “Bblleyyzer” Mentor
    Kadeem “Bblleyyzer” Mentor

    After watching this video, I'm not sure if bleaching my eyes would help or Alt. + F4 my brain

  • Zack Markham
    Zack Markham

    That car is COMPLETELY Mardi Gras! Also, that switch was from the Waterjet Channel.

  • Angie Trimbach
    Angie Trimbach

    When you see the song below this, make sure your singing in your head the same tune as “making my way down town”..okay? :) watching this at 11:15 pm, I think I’m abgbhfjruyfbjsi*5’+edrf

  • Harley Eddlemon
    Harley Eddlemon

    Lexi runs on windows

  • Wally Wallace
    Wally Wallace

    I feel the grass bread could have been done/looked better. I don't k ow what they did with the grass, but I feel the best way would be to wait for it to go to seed, take the seeds and ground them into flour like you do with wheat. And then use that flour to make bread. Again, maybe that's what the op did, I don't know. But it didn't look like it, and maybe it wasn't baked yet.

  • Ruby yp
    Ruby yp

    12:22 I don’t know what you’re thinking, but those shorts look really baggy to me.

  • Honeycomb

    Don't tell any of the other Commentators but Lexi is my favourite.... Shhhhh🤫

  • Sea girl Gacha
    Sea girl Gacha

    My video cut off right as you were about to say “cut his grass” the second time 😂

  • The Cursed Ones
    The Cursed Ones

    Recently. I’ve been diagnosed with depression. I stumbled upon EmKay when my friend suggested it. And so far. Lexi is my favorite. She just gives me a meaning to life. The energy of her. Is just… mwa👌. I love her energy. Keep it up. Thanks for helping me with life!

  • Packasackatrash :D
    Packasackatrash :D

    I would totally play a RE Fair Grounds

  • Phoenix “Frost” Vanhiem
    Phoenix “Frost” Vanhiem

    In the beginning the car is for Mardi Gras

  • Emil da panzer
    Emil da panzer

    10:51 That is death

  • Elias Benben
    Elias Benben

    1:28 BRASS

  • ChangedWinds

    I made t-shirt masks. It was stupid. The military said "do it fam" and then found cotton masks when I moved that were better to wash.

  • MC Chase
    MC Chase

    Lexi! You're... Fiiiiired!!!

  • Kelly Davis
    Kelly Davis

    You guys are really gonna make fun of the legendary car of Princess Vanellope von Schweetz like that

  • Brandon Vu
    Brandon Vu

    where OLD VOICE >:(

  • LividMoodflow

    Those bear skull, curtain hangers were cool. I want something like that for my house!

  • CloudieRL

    Wait is lexi a trans? Male to female without voice surgery?

    • sophie

      Yes lexi is a trans girl

  • theldrakis

    jack: hand made vynal record bowls me: Break out the pitchforks guys. this must be destroyed due to the loss of great music.

  • FireStorm 4165
    FireStorm 4165

    13:28 “Time to weight lifting Ooga booga”

  • Strawbewwy Stickers
    Strawbewwy Stickers

    It took me ten minutes but I finally found a Lexie video

  • trashcangold

    Lexxie's "karen" voice on the spray foam is amazingly perfect XD

  • tempy

    9:10 that person made a tiktok about there homemade "microwave" and it actually works

  • KatKat

    Lexi. AXE has shut down, please use wholesome animals to reboot

  • bloodyrose

    0:08 when Lexi finds something with more colors on it then her

  • Ismail Ferjani
    Ismail Ferjani

    what m making a homemade bomb nobody can stop me

  • The Eternal Superstar *
    The Eternal Superstar *

    4:39 EmKay: Says, "Bounce Pad" instead of "Spring" People who played "Sonic Boom: RIse of Lyric": *Vietnam Flashbacks*

  • Joseph “R3grET” R3grET
    Joseph “R3grET” R3grET

    Wussup Lexi, I'm Sexi.

  • Lunar Eclipse
    Lunar Eclipse

    Whoa. I actually recognize one of these. Not gonna say which one but I know the person irl

  • Smiley

    I love Lexi :]

  • Alan Pollock
    Alan Pollock

    Idk but i think those bear skull curtain holders would work in a proper setting? Like a library with some taxidermy, all wood room with some vintage furniture

  • Mairi Voorhees
    Mairi Voorhees

    I actually liked the man cave table. It was a racing tire after all and not a regular one. If I'd ever come across a Formula 1 tire I'd probably do something similar ^^

  • Lebjs

    That bear skull curtan rod is sick as hell and you cant tell me other wise

  • Magnat Cleo
    Magnat Cleo

    Is it just me, or does the car at the beginning look like it was made entirely out of those weird metallic Christmas tree ornaments?

  • largeMan HmmYes
    largeMan HmmYes


  • Lazari Swan
    Lazari Swan

    0:48 it’s a succulent but I’m pretty sure unfortunately it is dying with the look of those flowers (unless I was given false information)

  • Nathan Hancock
    Nathan Hancock

    That NSX trailer contraption greatly angers me.

  • Ripple Relaxation
    Ripple Relaxation

    1:43 why is it just a parking lot

  • Błūrrÿ_Fãčę35

    I was watching this then I realized my brother was also watching Emkay

  • Rido Malabanan
    Rido Malabanan

    The begining picture is confusing

  • Arianne Wingard
    Arianne Wingard

    12:55 That looks awesome

  • Alexander Robinson
    Alexander Robinson

    "You know bread is not made out of grass, right?" Well, wheat is a type of grass, which is turned into flour and then to bread, so if you really *wanted* to, you could make grass bread

  • Stephen Widger
    Stephen Widger

    I mean. Bread is made from wheat flour, and wheat IS a grass. So... Bread is made from grass!

  • Nx-alpha

    I think we nee to restart lexi after that intro

  • Ivan Miller
    Ivan Miller

    Reminds me of this *amazing* knife holder I once saw in this hotel. It was this human figure, and it had slots in it to put the knifes in. Because of this, when you put the knives in, it looks like a person getting stabbed by massive knives.

  • Hunter Asbury
    Hunter Asbury

    Lexi.ex has stopped working

  • JenniferPlayz


  • • lune or lee 💚💙  •
    • lune or lee 💚💙 •

    yes, "i dont nature" -Lexi (it feels so weird typing "-Lexi" since my dead name was Lexi 😭)

  • Wild Wolf
    Wild Wolf

    To anyone that will die pls bring this.... horror to hell and watch it burn to ashes

  • Wild Wolf
    Wild Wolf

    BURN IT ALL just BURN It

  • Chazz3.o

    O R

  • Pham Cuong
    Pham Cuong

    3:00 : that is a dragster tire and one of those cost $917 each so that is fricking expensive

  • Elias Bischoff
    Elias Bischoff

    Lexi's brain runs on Windows XP. Mine is probably a Vista

  • BYH PercyT
    BYH PercyT

    12:59 has the Ben 10 car

  • Mahasamut Srikhao
    Mahasamut Srikhao

    The​ thumbnail looks​ like​ a​ SMT​ boss​ 😂

  • Demon Wolf9941
    Demon Wolf9941


  • Hideki Shinichi
    Hideki Shinichi

    1:30 it is. Bread IS made out of grain which is grass

  • Dimsword35

    That thumbnail baby looks like something from resident evil, the pants are mold xd

  • Pink Pearl Art
    Pink Pearl Art

    Whenever I hear the what's up sexy I'm lexi I frickin squeak lexiiiii!!!!!!!

  • Burkett Family
    Burkett Family

    Lexi I know this video was posted yesterday but I feel the need to tell you that to put it in your words I've met someone with the cultural identity of a warm plate of mayonnaise

  • johnnys.,juice


  • mail jack
    mail jack

    13:48 i recommend put it in rice or if that doesn't work get a new one

  • Matthew Dobson
    Matthew Dobson

    Oi, I think the story behind the NSX trailer is the trailer converted one was in a bad wreck and the only salvageable bit was that rear end as the front was completely totalled...

  • RINAHZchannel

    i thought i was in a software gore video at the beginning

  • Final Resort
    Final Resort

    Lexi’s brain cells had many crashes that is why Lexi still runs on windows XP like me

  • Under wailer
    Under wailer

    The seeds of the bread can be turned into bread source and baker

  • W.D Gaster
    W.D Gaster

    My dog died today and this really cheered me up, thank you, Emkay.

  • Hi

    Lexi is literally my favorite EmKay narrator- Her voice is just perfect ^w^

  • Hi

    Lexi is literally my favorite EmKay narrator- Her voice is just perfect ^w^

  • NightRays Moon
    NightRays Moon

    I’ll be honest; I don’t understand stand using jeans for furniture/decor/shoes, although I don’t like wearing jeans so I don’t get it. Although I am someone that used to make shoes for my dog out of socks ._.

  • Alexis Adams
    Alexis Adams

    Seeing all this "art" makes me want to start up an etsy page and just sell random junk glued together and see who buys it.

    • Jack Pitt
      Jack Pitt

      Not gonna lie that is a good Idear

  • Eric Kessler
    Eric Kessler

    8:00 DIWhy would you put a towing package on a sportscar?

  • Mr.Scootini

    Quick story behind the NSX the owner got into a terrible front end collision. For his insurance payout, got himself another NSX and used to totaled NSX as basically, a tire carrier. So no Emkay you can’t be mad 😂 😂

  • Ryoko Kereu Khuran
    Ryoko Kereu Khuran

    "Plant go spinny!" The way she said that was just pure serotonin-

  • Max Fieshns
    Max Fieshns

    I can hear Lexi quickly losing faith in humanity in this video

  • LLamafy

    I don’t nature -Lexi

  • Aidan Fields
    Aidan Fields

    If 3:20 had a theme song, it would be fibill.info/nick/videot/loZxhpbTY51hoaU

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat

    "Epidural layer of skin" xD am I the only one who caught this at 10:50

  • AT Tobor
    AT Tobor

    I knew it, Lexi runs on Windows XP

  • Zarica Demoni
    Zarica Demoni

    JESUS CHRIST! The laugh track made me jump at the camping table swing.

  • SnowWolf_Gaming_YT

    Emkay has stopped responding, reboot system by unplugging it and plugging it back in again, if that doesn’t work please call a computer specialist

  • Anna Mermaid
    Anna Mermaid

    To the evil person that made that clusterfrack of a car, HOW DARE YOU! YOU BROKE LEXI, YOU MONSTER!!!!!!!!

  • Morgan Elzey
    Morgan Elzey

    Lexi.exe has crashed lol

  • Jad Jaber
    Jad Jaber

    2:05 its cacti Sorry to be THAT guy

  • MadIIMike

    12:55 that's dope AF, if we hadn't such strict regulations here in germany, I'd likely end up doing something similar (might still give it a shot).

  • Wahab Nur
    Wahab Nur

    Fun Fact : gunting means scissors in Indonesia

    • Wahab Nur
      Wahab Nur