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  • izzax99

    6:10 kids finna be freaking out like WHY CANT I BUILD

  • luismiguel

    leugim siul bruh am i gonna die becauss of a shitty placeholder

  • AgentAnimations

    12:05 yeah funny but can we talk about that ifunny watermark?

  • Gamer Time
    Gamer Time

    My name is epar

  • Paige Stein
    Paige Stein

    9:52 Well now I won't get any sleep tonight

  • White dewd
    White dewd

    What’s the fuck does nedac mean

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith

    Your name backwards is how you die Me:

  • Raging Gamers
    Raging Gamers

    12:49 sauce?

  • Kiss Kitty
    Kiss Kitty

    CallmeCarson did nothing wrong. He was 19 she was 17. More than old enough. Also legal age in their state.

  • Tortoisearmy

    1:50 whats the yt name... i need it for science

  • The person that is there
    The person that is there

    Well I did

  • Salem

    Rrez Nav Melas??? Who is that lol

  • Li Sh
    Li Sh

    "your name spelled backwards is how you die". I'm nailuY. So am i gonna be nailed to death like Jesus?

  • The Soviet Union
    The Soviet Union

    "Your name backwards is how you die" Then I'll die.............. Nella?

  • H ą N N 4 H
    H ą N N 4 H

    "your name spelled backwards is how you die" **Slowly walks away**

  • Gretgor

    What is a shower demon?

  • TheDragonShipper

    8:15 i got an ad right after he finished the sentence, the ad was a freaking meat cooking ad- i wheezed so hard my chest hurts.. lol

  • L C
    L C

    My name actually is Lana... I'm equal parts scared and intrigued.

  • Sleep deprived Weirdo
    Sleep deprived Weirdo

    Looks like I'm going to die by retnuh

  • fortniteshipbuilder

    If my name backwards is how I die then a dude named Leon is gunna kill me

  • Thiyagalingam Jeyakanthan
    Thiyagalingam Jeyakanthan

    Don't click Me:clickety click

  • GG_gamers2008

    My name backwards is... Yelrah, Does this mean I'm yelling rah and I die from fear

  • Daniel Parks
    Daniel Parks

    My psychologist said cbt wasn’t working for me

  • ArtisticSin Ax
    ArtisticSin Ax

    Alex Xela

  • pig_porkchop_ !
    pig_porkchop_ !

    Your name backwards is how you die the person named kubwelbhl kirbewyverqou 😔😔

  • kirby animation (anthony0204)
    kirby animation (anthony0204)

    your name backward is how you die people whos name is yaw yknik a ni:

  • Luke

    3:59 mine was chopped off in the womb i hate it here /j

  • BlueToonz - Animated Videos
    BlueToonz - Animated Videos

    12:06 “S-s-suck poison?” “Hurry, chum! Everything’th going dark!”

  • Derp boi
    Derp boi


  • mike collins
    mike collins

    14:58 oh? any thing?

  • Captain Rex
    Captain Rex

    Your name backwards is how you die Guys named dog: confused screaming*

  • itsybitsybentube

    If my name backwards is how i die then I’ll die by Neb

  • Light Stryder1023
    Light Stryder1023

    12:48 so I was wondering what anime this is from, does anybody know, if so then I would like to know.

  • Prehistoric inc. Arts
    Prehistoric inc. Arts

    *s h a k e t h a t b o t t o m l i n e*

  • FiveBuckle

    im going to die to an ancient god or somthin according to the first post

  • ^^~ Yin ~^^
    ^^~ Yin ~^^

    My name backwards is ardnoxela

  • Creeps

    "Lana drah is screwed" does it had a pun intended?

  • Eve Lorigan
    Eve Lorigan

    My name backwards: Eve --sighs--

  • Nick Leui
    Nick Leui

    Who is the girl in the thumbnail? Asking for a friends

  • Where the Fucknut is my Gun?!
    Where the Fucknut is my Gun?!

    It's funny because my boyfriend just moved out of his old house and I keep thinking about how, whoever moves in might live in the room where he took my virginity and someone else might live in the room where he and his best friend shish kabobed me.

  • Potso

    9:35 this one right here officer

  • Waffle The psychopath
    Waffle The psychopath

    Dude my name is Kaylee guess I am gonna die from some alien invasion I guess

  • basegamez 78
    basegamez 78

    1:45 1:57 whats the original video?

  • August Hoglund
    August Hoglund

    Yeah, follow packaging instructions not the 196% rule. Packaging instructions are usually right, especially for healthcare products.

  • Dumzred

    4:07 can definitely relate aswell

  • Smithy

    We have been told a lie. Incest Is illegal in Alabama. 😞

  • Apple Crapguy
    Apple Crapguy

    r/cursedcomments Orange juice from peaches.

  • ferrari gaming
    ferrari gaming

    00:00 what is nai

  • Warrior

    ledieg oslrac bruh i am gonna die by a 😭😕😥😕😕😥😕😍🚙😍🚙😌😔😍🚙😅😕😌✌️😕😌🚙😌😔🤡😭🅱️🚙🅱️😂⚠️😂⚠️😂🅱️😂⚠️🚙🅱️😂🅱️😂⚠️🚙⚠️🚙😆⚠️😂⚠️🚙⚠️🚙🅱️🚙⚠️🚙😌🚙😍😕😌🅱️⚠️😕😌🚙😌😂😌

  • Vaporizer

    “ your name backwards is how you’ll die “ Liam 🔁 mail I suppose I gotta watch ups with suspicion from now on

  • Liam Monk
    Liam Monk

    Your name spelled backwards is how you die People named noitabrutsam 🦾

  • Aidan Woodward
    Aidan Woodward

    "Your name backwards is how you die" Um guys? What is a nadia?

  • Ark

    notsew. Well, I guess I won’t die to sewing.

  • Reda Atheer77
    Reda Atheer77

    Your name spelled backwards is how you die ..... My name:Hmmmmmmmm....

  • Hilppu 14
    Hilppu 14

    I'm gonna die ajlih! Oh no!

  • may Hand
    may Hand

    your name spelled backwards is how you die, so i die to yma-yram my name is Mary-Amy

  • Orange weeb
    Orange weeb

    2:55 lmao

  • Pasta Kazoo
    Pasta Kazoo

    Wolverine could fix world hunger.

  • 51 Kunal Kadam
    51 Kunal Kadam

    I sounded like whats up fucks.

  • yuriithesimp

    bruh i got scared because my real name was said at the beginning-

  • Johnny’s Bricks
    Johnny’s Bricks

    0:26 Oh my god, I own all 3 sets and I’m now disappointed in humanity.

  • snak1ty

    for that first one, what the fuck is eyks? _what the fuck is eyks_

  • Rut Leduc
    Rut Leduc

    "Your name spelled backwards is how you die" Person named Izan: God please have mercy on me

  • Karma Ito
    Karma Ito

    Tne last one though-😂😂😂

  • Bruh Why
    Bruh Why

    Imma die by an eol, dont know what the hell that is but im scared

    • Smitology

      EOL is an abbreviation for "end of life" so I guess it fits lol

    • snak1ty

      loe? your name is loe?

  • vinnie

    tnecniv oh god im gonna die to tnecniv 😨😨

    • snak1ty

      oh god what the hell is an eyks

  • Dejected Yew
    Dejected Yew

    What if your name was lana xes

  • David Martin
    David Martin

    Search up v280 valor expectations and look at the reply section in :l ‘s comment section

  • MehNameIsDezarae !!!
    MehNameIsDezarae !!!

    I got Earazed????

  • Brittany Battershill
    Brittany Battershill

    7:12 you:showes up to the hospital with bullet wound "Card declins" Nurse:"cocks the shotgun"

  • lil D
    lil D

    I always get extra pens after school, good times

  • atlas Rylee
    atlas Rylee

    um my name backards is salta is that a thing cause salt it but

  • Failing Reefai
    Failing Reefai

    1:50,is this a telepurte video?

  • Numpty muffin
    Numpty muffin

    1:16 I suddenly feel slightly sad

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler

    3:56 wait what?!

  • Crabby YT
    Crabby YT

    My Name-Kriday Back: dayirk

  • Ēriks Žardeckiss
    Ēriks Žardeckiss

    12:49 sauce?

  • Zhadow

    7:57 not if that person uses their left hand for that

  • Boom Head
    Boom Head

    "your ame spelled backwards is how you die" people named iris: TECHNOLOGY IS TAKING OVERR

  • Ezra Does Youtube
    Ezra Does Youtube


  • Reed Webb
    Reed Webb

    That first one is why I will never go hunting

    • Smitology


  • Ivan Miller
    Ivan Miller

    The glocktopus? Sounds like it belongs in Enter the Gungeon. Right with gatling gull and the gorgun. I can’t make this stuff up, but the devs sure can

  • Derpz

    I’m and will never be your friend… Because I’m weird as frickkk lolll I’m saving your AS- Asian child

  • Ivan Miller
    Ivan Miller

    Does that mean that my death will have something to do with a certain fairy from the legend of zelda series?

  • Alexander Robinson
    Alexander Robinson

    Fun fact: Wheat is grass

  • Death Hunter597
    Death Hunter597

    1:17 but im Austalian

  • Spengey 08
    Spengey 08

    8:16 Even better, let’s eat them all

  • The Let's Player
    The Let's Player

    Did you just tell me not to click on this video??? I'm clicking on it!

    • The Let's Player
      The Let's Player


  • Pog Gers
    Pog Gers

    I clicked on the video

  • MiguelMem

    2:50 Mondo Treatment

  • Diegopie007

    what kind of way to die is ogeid?

  • FuneBunne

    no.. i think i will

  • Normal Human
    Normal Human

    My name spelled backwards would be pronounced like “relic all y’all” so that should be interesting

  • Abdul Rahman Ariff Riza
    Abdul Rahman Ariff Riza

    Abdul Rahman - namhar ludba Oh no no no no no no no

  • TrackFiend DeathScythe42
    TrackFiend DeathScythe42

    Enobt. I have some questions to ask.

    • snak1ty

      i don’t even know what eyks is but yea

  • Korbin Ramirez
    Korbin Ramirez

    I don't care what -what race u are -what u like -what ur gender is -who u love -ur looks are One things for sure... _you will all scream when we get to the slaughterhouse_

  • my clipz
    my clipz

    pure gayness

  • Frisk drinks brisk
    Frisk drinks brisk

    Ksirb sknid ksirf is how I die

  • I hate you
    I hate you

    I didn’t get the thumbnail every time I saw it but I just now noticed the tentacles and it’s sad to say we all know where it’s going

  • arpoti

    Me being hannah: 👁️👄👁️