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  • Gamen Snootdroop
    Gamen Snootdroop

    I LOVE THAT HEART EYES BROCK COSPLAY SO MUCH YALL HAVE NO IDEA Brock was a true gentleman. He spoke his feelings but never overstepped and intentionally made people uncomfortable

  • Gamen Snootdroop
    Gamen Snootdroop


  • Barbara

    The loli bible is cursed but the fact that priests uses the shota bible is worse

  • Esther Cooper
    Esther Cooper

    0:00 ah yes the *l o n g g o o s e does still have a corkscrew pe-* my religion is now *long goose*

  • CaptainSpeed21

    5:44 Theirs a imposter among them.

  • Mothman !
    Mothman !

    Why am I getting sex education ads on videos that are showing d&p but FIbill can’t handle that stuff on their videos for their website

  • SetHan Lee
    SetHan Lee

    6:24 is this a real movie?

  • imagine

    I'm ngl can some explain 1:32

  • topbreak38

    1:30 Nothing dirty going on here. He tried to give her a kiss. Just a normal, innocent kiss...

  • Isabelle Nicander
    Isabelle Nicander

    its da baby 2:56

  • blocky-harry

    2:45 hey Italian tip: don't ,just no

  • Finley Hadley-binder
    Finley Hadley-binder

    I can only remember either Robin, or not Robin's voice

  • A Stoopid Person
    A Stoopid Person

    *crys in FMA*

  • Akira Ch
    Akira Ch

    0:00 Is it a snack?, Or a duke?

  • GhostRights

    0:38 - On the far right? Tucker Carlson is 6’1”.

  • Super sexy boi
    Super sexy boi

    If lady d open an only fans it would be enough to fund her the castle she is living in.

  • Fluff ZiMouse
    Fluff ZiMouse

    2:38 this is a reference to bloodborne's dlc weapon the... whirly gig? which everyone lovingly referred to as "pizza cutter"

  • King ducky The 3rd
    King ducky The 3rd

    10:27 we banished him from our land forever

  • Derp boi
    Derp boi

    2:00 Wit that was a bunny..... I just thought she was just phat

  • jevel plays and reacts deltarune
    jevel plays and reacts deltarune

    0:00 AaA...

  • Warcrimes expert
    Warcrimes expert

    What is the joke in here? 1:30

    • Warcrimes expert
      Warcrimes expert

      @Midnight Murderer I had an suspicion about that being the joke

    • Midnight Murderer
      Midnight Murderer

      the fire girl sat on his face, as in $3x

  • Tetra Sky
    Tetra Sky

    3:50 it's pasteurized, safe for consumption without cooking it. That said. Whoever drink that straight up might be a psychopath.

  • White

    11:40 I wish i have a father like this..

  • roblox news
    roblox news

    0:00 Snuck

  • Tankski Commander
    Tankski Commander

    My grandma has one of those birds and he destroyed the metal bars of his cage those birds are dangerous

  • Billy

    0:27 bro im so hyped for the new brakeing bad kids series.

  • e e
    e e

    *Longoose The Mighty*

  • A Person
    A Person

    Emkay: She (Lady Dimitrescu) is going to be every where forever Samsung Sam: *Are you sure about that*

  • Wuben

    It's a SUShi. You just missed a pun there

  • Wingverse

    0:26 I’m not saying who but one of them is about to become metal...

  • Jina Garrett
    Jina Garrett

    Look at the note pad the doctor had

  • therealsonic101

    A Vealoin?

  • Long, Tall, and Depressed
    Long, Tall, and Depressed

    9:15 I think you mean, "The Lusty Argonian Maid".

  • Minemaster 1337
    Minemaster 1337

    6:11 Jesus? Nah fam, that’s George Harrison!

  • cyroar 341
    cyroar 341

    0:28 he doesn’t know

  • Virtual void
    Virtual void

    🥺 👉🏻👈🏻

  • Censored hermit
    Censored hermit

    The little crock goblin 😂🤣

  • Joca S
    Joca S

    Resumen of this video Normie reads non normie stuff and gets confised

  • MegaAstroFan18

    Robin: "I'm so sick of Among Us." Robin minutes later: "That lake looks a little sus."

  • CB - 04PT 842013 Janet I McDougald PS
    CB - 04PT 842013 Janet I McDougald PS

    2:07 is he saying he looks like the clown girl in the maid dress drinking or the blanket behind her?

  • Milk Gang Boi
    Milk Gang Boi

    👀 👄

  • Zelda Crafter
    Zelda Crafter

    All FMA fans are screaming their heads off at the start of this video I bet

  • Charles Parr
    Charles Parr

    look more at 5:44 and wou will see

  • The Unknown Wanderer “Ruler of Prussia”
    The Unknown Wanderer “Ruler of Prussia”

    Long goose. No. Snoose

  • Eithan Lifshits
    Eithan Lifshits

    The long Goose is called looooose

  • Doppio best boi change my mind
    Doppio best boi change my mind

    0:01 the guke or the snuck

  • os “oszoo” zoo
    os “oszoo” zoo

    @Blurry, Bump done thumbsup Check it on DISBOARD:


    Niceee *gasp* Niiice


    Glad I ain’t the only one that makes a pizza taco

  • MirioAmajiki

    2:19 e-excuse me?

  • Daniel Bischoff
    Daniel Bischoff

    Every one that see your profile picture: oh no. The sus person: i like ya cute g

  • Delenn Snyder
    Delenn Snyder


  • Dominic Hankins
    Dominic Hankins

    I love the Poglin

  • MaksimaL YT
    MaksimaL YT

    2:24 What is the show name?

  • SargeFrog

    the reason the cooking mama is cursed is cus in full metal alchemist they kill their mom with alchemy

  • Sheran Partouche
    Sheran Partouche

    4:47 *Must be a Wednesday* (Canned laughter but it’s just frogs croaking)

  • Indie Suarez
    Indie Suarez

    POV: you're gullible *Read More*

  • Mila Toškov
    Mila Toškov

    4:42 t h e c a n d l e l a g g e d

  • Reverse

    0:27 very cursed... If you don't understand a bit less trauma for you

  • needlestrider123

    0:01 snuck

  • Mama Goose
    Mama Goose

    ... I- *checks back* Okay, normal goose.

  • Finnegan Devitt
    Finnegan Devitt

    3:23 This is a cursed image in and of itself.

  • Zardy Foolhardy
    Zardy Foolhardy

    i have a name for the thumbnail ''Pokimane: Medieval Edition''

  • Gestarun

    2:37 who gave him one of the best bloodborne weapons


    I’m Christian so I kinda took that as a offence


    You dare speak that way to the mighty jimmy

  • Staunch 88
    Staunch 88

    6:35 how much does it cost

  • wait what
    wait what

    geese are feisty cobra snakes

  • Staunch 88
    Staunch 88


  • Nancy Absalon9
    Nancy Absalon9

    2:02 maybe the owner had 2, and one of them isn't with them anymore. And that one is trying their best to cheer the owner up.

  • Laterina Pen
    Laterina Pen

    3:24 *Amoogus*

  • Jermaine Angelo Arrogancia
    Jermaine Angelo Arrogancia

    2:41 The Pizza Cutter from Bloodborne XD

  • Anders N
    Anders N


  • Teacher's Pet
    Teacher's Pet

    4 dabloons

  • HinataShoyoGOA

    I want to be the dad on the last

  • KJLuis21

    6:21 he will be the crimson chin !!!!!!!!

  • G Double
    G Double

    He IS the corkscrew penis


    2:57 Guess I’m not sleeping tonight! 🙂

  • The Mondy Morning
    The Mondy Morning

    4:20 yooo we got a buzzard up in here??

  • PVP Chicker
    PVP Chicker

    The thumbnail looks like it’s the are you winning son meme

  • mocha choca
    mocha choca

    Sushi = Sus hi

  • Oh

    0:00 i call it the snoose

  • BlueWink1

    7:01 D e a t h b y s n u s n u

  • kitadog1

    that one meme:

  • JH B.Patricio
    JH B.Patricio

    1:37 I don't get it Did they kissed or something?

  • Daniel Haney
    Daniel Haney

    Snake and a goose gnoose

  • sebastian michaelis
    sebastian michaelis

    9:11 is that what i think, i mean the way she walk, her hand.. it's a plug.

  • Time Scotch
    Time Scotch

    Ooh, vanilla ice cream. Sir, this is frozen semen

  • The Arty Spider
    The Arty Spider

    2:01 "I just killed your parents Michelle now do my bidding."

  • manaquri

    alongoos soos

  • Minecraft Fnaf Security Breach Roleplay: Roxanne
    Minecraft Fnaf Security Breach Roleplay: Roxanne

    0:32 **sighs** same

  • troller

    i paused at the perfect time in the start and saw the message

  • Novice noob
    Novice noob

    1:36 don't do that to my childhood

  • Javarafi MC
    Javarafi MC

    0:01 long goose? More like amon goose

  • Snapple Apple
    Snapple Apple

    1:59 big ol bunny big ol bunny BIG OL BUNNY

  • Ivy Beam
    Ivy Beam


  • Robotic Engineer Aaron
    Robotic Engineer Aaron

    R/you had one job

  • Ragnarock100

    4:50 when you're at Starbucks but the employees knows it's Wednesday

  • Liam Kelleher
    Liam Kelleher

    7:10 hoggers

  • Bob The Computer Program
    Bob The Computer Program

    2:03 - Yeah, she got BIG CHUNGUS to sit on her lap, it's like a god blessing