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Narrator ► fibill.info...


    1:51 me who heard all the rumors anf didnt touch this "manga":oh so thats why, oh no, oh dear god no

  • Dat epic boi H S
    Dat epic boi H S

    4:05 mmm mobile toilet paper

  • Mohd Romizan
    Mohd Romizan


  • Harms_Way

    Anyone who knows about 1:52: "You ignorant yet lucky bastard!"

  • Joseph Joestar
    Joseph Joestar

    1:53 ohhhh my sweet sweet child

  • Ruiqi He
    Ruiqi He

    I eat lunch to this and when metamorphosis (177013) came up at 1:56 I almost c hoK Ed man

  • Grell

    3:16 Ahhh, well you see... It's ESKOM! South Africa's electricity provider and it's ironic because they are a corrupt bunch of idiots who don't know how to manage a business and so we have 'beurtkrag' or 'load shedding' where our electricity gets cut off even if we pay our bills because they either stole some money, sold the coal to other countries to pay off never ending dept or transformers break because they don't maintain them properly. In South Africa electricity is about as predictable as the weather...

  • Mikinyuu

    There was a pre-roll ad that was against people kneeling during the flag

  • stonedude 2925
    stonedude 2925

    6:17 i actually think this was a screenshot from one of the movies, i had a dvd for it im not sure about the "national terrorism system alert" part tho

  • Shark Jaw
    Shark Jaw

    1:55 be happy you don’t understand Google 177013 if you’re 18+ and ready to be traumatised

  • Burnt Butter
    Burnt Butter

    8:58, I've spent like 10 minutes trying to think how that would work

  • Nasir Uddin
    Nasir Uddin

    5:46 did he just say gayfuel?

  • Benthekijiya

    I just got the notification for this it came out 6 days ago

  • Elm Cer Ran
    Elm Cer Ran

    2:43 Original video?

  • vigzz

    2:57 ?

  • Collin Persinger
    Collin Persinger

    4:19 Literally as he said "I'm very excited to announce to you today." I get an ad about Dawn dish soap right after. That was too perfectly time.

  • Noah Gentry • 10 years ago
    Noah Gentry • 10 years ago

    2:24 is my friends cod account pfp

  • Descending Sanity
    Descending Sanity

    Wait but this video isn't 10 minutes long???

  • 🏳️‍🌈Lil Bi Leaf🏳️‍🌈
    🏳️‍🌈Lil Bi Leaf🏳️‍🌈

    The only thing that keeps me sane is "Hi there sexy I'm Lexi)

  • Supermarsu

    3:33 Beetleful*

  • SakuyaMain

    1:57 if you know you know

  • Kevin Fonseca
    Kevin Fonseca

    Fun fact: That Volvo back in the time, earned the nick name "flying Brick" because how fast its was in the Race track

  • SocialClutz

    But... adventure time is dystopian...

  • Guinea Pig Guy
    Guinea Pig Guy

    8:45 i thought of this as well

  • Guinea Pig Guy
    Guinea Pig Guy

    7:14 everyone seeing this is just thinking of the best rickroll ever

  • James Newell
    James Newell

    8:15 why does Samus look like an among us character?

  • Guinea Pig Guy
    Guinea Pig Guy

    0:50 is from a tweet where the girlfriend said "No more *** in bed until you put a ring on it

  • NootNoot Mare
    NootNoot Mare

    By the time he said "announce to you today" it goes to a ade and it says Olay lol


    1:51 ignorance is a blissful thing, lexi, please treasure it

  • J L
    J L

    1:53 ... so who’s gonna tell him from where the 2 images on the bottom come from.

  • Lucy Brimstone
    Lucy Brimstone

    Hi Lexi! I have Italian cheese bread from Little Caesars left over from yesterday!

  • Jackson yeow
    Jackson yeow

    Adventure time is already a dystopia

  • ShadoeLandman

    I loooove the catfish Beetle.

  • BottleO'Scotch

    I think my professor made it on the thumbnail, looks exactly like him.

  • Ww0906 clips
    Ww0906 clips

    1:00 that cat should be on r/bossfight

  • the KGB
    the KGB

    Hi there, question for Lexi. What are your pronouns?

  • meme meme
    meme meme

    Kira when he sees this fan art ...(incert CENCORD NOISE

    • amogus • 69 Years ago
      amogus • 69 Years ago

      wat? idk what u mean?

  • • Cløud •
    • Cløud •

    In the scene where Lexi said : "and now I present," I got an add that had a mailbox, and it just read "Warren"

  • Blob fish
    Blob fish

    If that drill bit teeth thing was a shark mouth or something like that it would be cool but no, it’s blursed.

  • Pinirock H. (pinirock)
    Pinirock H. (pinirock)

    Lexxi is beest :3 ✨❤️✨

  • Clay McGranahan
    Clay McGranahan

    *4:08* that's one of my favorite FIbillrs

  • Juan Paolo
    Juan Paolo

    1:52 ah someone save Lexi no one should ever know nor see where those images originated

  • Brian Bliss
    Brian Bliss

    8:22 Are you sure it's a piggy back ride? Sorry...

  • JustTau

    3:16 CONTEXT As a South African I understand, our power provider in all of South Africa is Eskom. We suffer from something called load shedding where they turn power off for 2 hours a day

  • Qwer Tyu
    Qwer Tyu


  • Mariano Mariani
    Mariano Mariani

    For his neutral special, he wields a cross!

  • just another schmuck
    just another schmuck

    4:18 I got a perfectly timed ad here. "I'm very excited to announce to you today-" " _ANOTHER MR CLEAN PRODUCT NOW AVAILABLE AT YOUR STORES_ "

  • _polar Berry_
    _polar Berry_

    3:51 John dere pol-Nya-reff

  • MegaAstroFan18

    Vita make the Switch explode? The Switch is more powerful than the Vita.

  • Pat Jasper
    Pat Jasper

    0:57 and thats how furries are made children

  • Der Kaiser Arden
    Der Kaiser Arden

    1:19 | The Habsburg monarchy.

  • Blilbo Babgins
    Blilbo Babgins

    I laughed so hard at the run thing on top of that I posted it ages ago fuck you internet

  • Blu and Ash 010
    Blu and Ash 010

    "I'm very proud to present to you" Ad that comes on: "maple bacon doughnut." Me: considering trying said doughnut.

  • J Felts
    J Felts

    Can someone tell me where the image at about 2:45 came from

  • 2ndLt.Sadness

    4:20 Did he intentionally put an ad there, or was this purely the best coincidence of my day?

  • Why you lookin
    Why you lookin


  • HiddenWhiteFang


  • gamXing


  • enderoid wolfite
    enderoid wolfite

    7:45 who else saw a smash ball?

  • Sara-Jane Phelps
    Sara-Jane Phelps

    What call the dog

  • Mouse Steam
    Mouse Steam

    177013 if you know what I mean

  • Xander BA Regan
    Xander BA Regan

    6:09 he got dat war thunder doe

  • Ray Merlin (RSVR)
    Ray Merlin (RSVR)

    3:10 The joke is that the power company is a hot piece of garbage nobody here likes. Overcharging price and still trying to cut our power off for 2.5 hours.

  • Rage Fury
    Rage Fury

    3:51 Incorrect comparison. Try Paul Phoenix from Tekken instead.

  • Cliffhanger

    4:08 Is that Ian from Forgotten Weapons? And what was that lady doing there?

  • Paula Cristina Ibelings
    Paula Cristina Ibelings

    the guy in the thumbnail is a teacher at my school lmao

  • Maksymilian Sobocinski
    Maksymilian Sobocinski

    8:58 ***Bad Piggies intensifies***

  • DragionEmpress

    Lexi eskom is a power station who’s always turning off the power we have to deal with them and their loadshedding way too often

  • DragionEmpress


  • ink! Tony the kaonashi gaster
    ink! Tony the kaonashi gaster

    1:55, it's better you don't know Lexi...

  • Ilc1

    The fact the thumbnail image wasn’t in this video made me upsetti

  • Izak Busby-bates
    Izak Busby-bates

    I want to be like Putin now

  • Albanus Burr
    Albanus Burr

    1:52 Oh my

  • Barnold that's it
    Barnold that's it

    At 1:56........ THE HORROR OF 177013 HAS RETURNED!!!

  • Alex Vertiliae
    Alex Vertiliae

    4:03 Ah good, I just ran out of toilet paper too.

  • James Palka
    James Palka

    I AM 1000

  • Bloxyoyo

    Im glad lexi doesn't know what metamorphosis is

  • Rahani Mohd Noor
    Rahani Mohd Noor

    2:56 gaster hands


    7:36 I’m sorry all I saw was the smash bros cross that’s been rotated on it’s head... surely I’m not the only one who saw that

  • gabi.n_art

    🗡😳🔪 🦵🦵

  • error and glitches
    error and glitches

    i was loling thoue the video

  • Rose’s Creations
    Rose’s Creations

    2:50 can someone tell me what she saw to make her so scared???

  • Crystal G
    Crystal G

    4:50 l love me some good KFC Wait no not that

  • Your local Canadian
    Your local Canadian

    Buff cat

  • DragonKing3013

    1:55 NO NO NO NO NO NO NO

  • Undeadlurch Gaming
    Undeadlurch Gaming

    the lobster bike you mean the crustacean cruiser

  • Evandrial Larson
    Evandrial Larson

    I didn't see the bar code on the flower at first 👀

  • The Vibe Checker AU
    The Vibe Checker AU

    1:28 Nothing wrong ay 1:52 Sauce:177013 Please don’t read for your own sanity

  • Sabian Griffin
    Sabian Griffin

    All bets on a George slapping the absolute shit out of barney

  • Joey Plumb
    Joey Plumb

    8:18 The Bread Boys: *Loads M203 with religious intent.*

  • Ssakcaj the plasmanoid
    Ssakcaj the plasmanoid

    maybe say Lex get started you're Lexi, Lexy or whatever

  • Waffle Fan
    Waffle Fan

    7:37 its a flipen smash ball from smash and I can tell!!!!!!!!!!!

  • imjustjacob

    1:52 trust me you do not wanna know lexi

  • KPop Dumpster Fire
    KPop Dumpster Fire

    I always enjoy when Lexi is the voice. She makes me smile

  • Enid

    My shoes, my three tops, my only woman. What the hell? Help us god

  • thecyborg kid
    thecyborg kid

    1:55 no.......

  • my hand
    my hand

    Lexi pls talk normally, i feel uneasy.

  • Leonidas1210vc

    lots of Ovamorphs and Jojo references ALSO EMERGENCE, thank god lexi isnt a weeb cause she would be traumatized........

  • The Nerdy Chewy
    The Nerdy Chewy

    1:53 177013 :)

  • The stupidest channel to exist.
    The stupidest channel to exist.


6 milj.