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  • Edgar

    The only place I could see the crab chair to be a perfect fit for is Red Lobster, but they would have to add a cushion to it to make them comfortable enough to sit on for the duration of the meal.

  • Glowing Eclipse
    Glowing Eclipse

    6:16 THATS A FREAKING KIRIBAKU CAKE WHO TF MADE THAT??? I mean, I ship it but why??

  • TP

    *I'd take that KiriBaku cake anytime tbh....*

  • Hue_solal

    5:33 when i was smoll I made a car out of lego pieces that looked like this, i took the nose from a plane, üut the back of the plane directly begund the nose and then some wheels and boom. ( i even trued to motorize it but is wasnt good

  • hisoka addict
    hisoka addict

    6:09 "Hey what are you eating?" "Oh, nothing just my Kiribaku birthday cake."

  • Fat rat
    Fat rat

    Erase the slash then bge Then you would get rat

  • zapheil

    My nephew probably would have loved that Pennywise cradle though. Let me put it this way - some parents use small treats as rewards for their child during potty training. That nephew’s preferred rewards were pictures of horror movie villains like Pennywise, Chucky, etc. According to my sister, they worked great for him XD

  • Skwid

    I agree peeps are disgusting Now we watch the war.

  • ~Basically•Just•A•Nb~

    8:35 its deku's skull

  • Walter Reed
    Walter Reed

    2:59 bro if this is awful taste, I don’t want good taste.

  • Josie Bianchi
    Josie Bianchi

    i don't like op calling that a "furniture store" they had FAR too many life-sized plastic animal models to be a furniture store

  • sheeeeesh

    4:09 When your left nut gets jealous of your right nut. IT HAS EVOLVED

  • Decepticus Prevails
    Decepticus Prevails

    0:45 I. Need. It!!!

  • MelMel

    Wait.. We hate crocs?

  • Gru Wuigi
    Gru Wuigi

    Finally someone who knows that peeps are one of the grossest candies

  • Rian Gonzalez
    Rian Gonzalez

    I like to torture myself by watching these videos

  • Sohum Gupta
    Sohum Gupta


  • Gavino Lomeli
    Gavino Lomeli

    When your practicing you sword skills and do the anime move and you wonder why the apple in front of you didn’t cutt

  • Hanako kun
    Hanako kun

    Robin: i know what birthday cake i DON'T what for my birthday Me: I know exactly what cake i want and NEED for my birthday!

  • Tygo Helgers
    Tygo Helgers

    6:09 dit not expect to see mha here and i REALY didn`t expect it to be kiribaku

  • Katie Robertson
    Katie Robertson

    The only person who wpuld wear the barnyard shoes is miss frizzle or harper from wizards of waverly place.

  • LadyNikitaShark

    The pallets stair may not look like but they are resistant. Not all pallets are fragile. Most of them can handle like 1000kg, some even more weight.

  • Frenchy


  • Shadehunter

    The table thing looked to be $1395 and some change.

  • Silent Shadow
    Silent Shadow

    6:12 just giving me flash backs to my freind’s birthday. She had a cake with a picture of shirtless hisoka (from hunter x hunter) with condom sticking out of his mouth. Though she kept saying it was a candy wrapper in his mouth we all know what it really was. Either way no one wanted to eat that cake. We were so uncomfortable that most of us took peices from around him. At least I would be willing to eat any part of the one in the video. Still uncomfortable to look at but not that bad.

  • Andre Tertling
    Andre Tertling

    What else but Power Puff Girls you can put on your head? That's an easy one, the solution basically presents itself with a sledge hammer: My Little Pony!

  • Dragon Craft
    Dragon Craft

    8:35 no thats just izuku mydoria (i don´t kow if i spelled his name right)

  • soto love
    soto love

    The best cake ever

  • soto love
    soto love

    You messing with the wrong fandom so take back what you just said were you going to die

  • Gigi Velasco
    Gigi Velasco

    I get the tumb nail so the head got cut off Very wierd


    Is Damien still a part of Emkay?

  • evil leafy Production studios
    evil leafy Production studios

    7:22 modern Tøp aesthetic.

  • I am very gay
    I am very gay

    6:15 I don't like the kiribaku cake

  • Kc Butler
    Kc Butler

    6:11 I know what birthday cake I do want for my birthday

  • D4c

    "And until next ti-"

  • Dark_Optix4 4
    Dark_Optix4 4

    when robin calls a bass a guitar

  • Common Ramen
    Common Ramen

    4:51 It's a lawn chair

  • PlushiePoogle

    You hate the toilets that have the hole in the front? So you actually PREFER taking a dump and having the poop water splash up against your privates?

  • ironicGlowstonEGeneticS

    Okay not going to lie I would actually want a lot of these I thought a lot of you look cool

    • ironicGlowstonEGeneticS

      It was between oh well I really like that and why,wtf,why. There was no middle man

  • -AngryBean-

    When Kristy gets that Kiribaku cake, she will EAT IT WHOLE That broccoli skull is what Deku's skull looks like

  • eke tjep
    eke tjep

    so no head?

  • Narciso Pedro
    Narciso Pedro

    The shark at the roof looks like the after effects of sharknado

  • Blue sketch
    Blue sketch

    5:15 Mans hair looks like a Tennis ball

  • Andy Ollom
    Andy Ollom

    I think the price tag on the sun table set said something like "$1275"

  • Krillacreat

    "BDSM seahorse" Looks more like a seahorse being equipped with riding gear.

    • LadyNikitaShark

      Well... You aren't far off lol

  • Bryan Yap
    Bryan Yap

    The Barrie doll jewellery looks like biblically accurate angels

  • Bryan Yap
    Bryan Yap

    That guy when he went to the funeral guy: Ummmmmm so basically I accidentally decaputated my friend after he bought me a katana

  • tjhq11

    9:25 the price of the table is $1,380

  • elloo



    I want that dog table thoooo 😎 Edit: That PPG cut thoooo😎


    0:39 my GTAV cars be like... 🚘

  • Lightning Man
    Lightning Man

    That price tag was $1245

  • Person of The Human Species
    Person of The Human Species

    The thumbnail: C offin

  • have some blue, you deserve it
    have some blue, you deserve it

    as a mha fan, that kiribaku cake pains me

  • Tiffany Ochs
    Tiffany Ochs

    My dad built many things out of palettes. 1: My bed. 2: stairs and a platform for the sofas in the living room 3: one of those beach chairs

  • Telani's Rage
    Telani's Rage

    Well i was fully in agreement on neat or just wtf right up till Robin bashed on peeps. I'm sorry but I cannot forgive that

  • MrGermandeutsch

    4:22 - looks like something my mother would do *_considering she made me a bed by using only pallets_*

  • McWhite

    Oh yes

  • Jess AMess
    Jess AMess

    That whole "Backseat driver" post is honestly straight out of a recurring nightmare I have where I'm trying to drive but I accidentally sat in the backseat and cant see or reach the pedals. So thanks for cursing me with the knowledge that it exists in material reality ^-^

  • Starwort

    Did not expect to see the Headington Shark! I live pretty close to that lol 9:25 I think that's $1215

  • Latios Hunter
    Latios Hunter

    Gummy bear made out of.....ah, I threw up a little

  • FNAF Gal
    FNAF Gal

    The car at 4:37 is not parked correctly inside the lines and it’s messing with my OCD soooo badly omg! Like I’m sorry if nobody cares and idc if someone calls me a Karen for being so bothered by this but I have pretty bad OCD. Anyways other then that this was an amazing video thank you for taking your time to keep making these that make us all smile 😊 and laugh 😹! Keep up with the good work and stay safe bye bye love your channel 👋🏻😸👌😁💗!

  • Ryan H
    Ryan H

    What does atbge mean?

  • Gunz of Brixton
    Gunz of Brixton

    Thumbnail is using an archaic hand cannon gone wrong

  • St

    I feel like this a version of r/TIHI but better

  • IDkindle o-o
    IDkindle o-o

    I’ve just * sneeze * sorry , I just finished eating yogurt when I say the mold . I’m going to the bathroom for a reason.

  • Luna Stardust (Jill Cipher)
    Luna Stardust (Jill Cipher)

    7:47 It's the SNURCH!!!

  • Incineroar

    Rocky horror picture Show bed is awesome tho

  • noko chan
    noko chan

    2:15 Looks delicious I want some

  • Quintin Southwick
    Quintin Southwick

    “And that was the last time we went to grandma’s house” well, I guess if she never let you leave then yeah it’s the last time

  • Bug_


  • かねきken

    6:15 bruh

  • Kydatyvegrybatokeanvisoko

    The kiribaku cake was like a punch to the gut istg I fell out of the fandom years ago and one of my friends shipped those two to the moon and back I just abt fell off the couch when the cake came up

  • Colten

    Not the yatas

  • 13thDomain

    The price on the table says $1215.

  • Camo Aminates
    Camo Aminates

    I’ll take 2 of everything please...

  • Some random dude
    Some random dude

    7:59 fun fact, that is a god the is said to have eaten it's own children, that's all I know ok bye now

  • Worshipper Of Gord
    Worshipper Of Gord

    The phone case at the bed looks like my ROBLOX avatar.

  • Cyn

    That spiral staircase must be for cats.

  • Nate Vailikit
    Nate Vailikit

    The price of the ugly local Mexican restaurant table’s price is $1,215.00

  • Nyambui

    I feel like I'm window shopping.

  • annaliese sistek
    annaliese sistek

    Not the Kiribaku cake

  • Amadia Stockbridge-garduno
    Amadia Stockbridge-garduno

    7:12 I don't really care for regular peeps but I like the blue raspberry ones

  • Kilron

    8:40 ah yes the dreams with the abstract stairs in which I needed to use the bathroom but couldn't get there because of the stairs, great subconscious mechanism to help me not pee the bed I guess

  • Ender katze
    Ender katze

    8:50 those stairs Look oddly soft and I oddly Love it

  • Sarah Gray
    Sarah Gray

    I like the table made in 1905, the funky toilets (the first of which was also an antique) and the gentleman with the Salvador Dali mustache.

  • IllumiNate

    Hmmm. Must be one of those weird French coffins

  • Adventures of the Legendary Gamer
    Adventures of the Legendary Gamer

    2:42 I thought it was beautiful....until you told me it was made of condoms......

  • Blyat Master
    Blyat Master

    actualy..in the netherlands we have alot of toilets with the hole in the front....idk why we do this because every shit i takes really stinks because its not under water wich normaly stops it from stinking (have relatives there. im not living there)

  • TeslaMaster

    3:48 "Can't sleep, clown will eat me... can't sleep, clown will eat me..."

  • DrMaxwell and MineCD DP
    DrMaxwell and MineCD DP

    ➕ Fellowship invite

  • DakiLetsPlay

    What does Atbge mean?

  • Asnian

    They wanted the mold because of Resident Evil 7

  • EineKartoffel

    7:29 I prefer it that way, because all other toilets just make toilet water splash against me. Like, why are all toilets without a front hole designed in such a way that if you take dump, toilet water just flies everywhere?

  • Parálisis demon
    Parálisis demon

    You only get one from your grandparents

  • Jackson Nankervis
    Jackson Nankervis

    We all know that damn mouth bed is for some weird-ass vore shit

  • Nateyninja

    I wish i was kidding when i say i have those shoes at 1:40

  • Flattykawa Simp
    Flattykawa Simp

    *cryingin the corner with my mold collection*

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    What does atbge st and for ?

  • Star_Sliver

    6:09 I actually approve. KIRIBAKU IS AWESOME. DON'T TRY TO TELL ME IT ISN'T.