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  • Nathan Hancock
    Nathan Hancock

    The Datsun 280Z and the Mustang weren't actually that bad... Wait a minute...

  • Anthrax 13
    Anthrax 13

    2:05 Why tf would someone wanna dislike that??? It's the Tim Burton Corpse Bride dress >:0 Smh, these uncultured people u_u

  • lil luna
    lil luna

    The dress I’m pretty sure is a recreation of the corpse bride dress

  • Fictional_Comfort

    Lexi: *mentions arson multiple times* Me, who is named Arson: *happiness*

  • bee mont
    bee mont

    I think I'm in love with Lexi :')

  • Lúthein Palanrandir
    Lúthein Palanrandir

    But vertebrae candles are cool! Or maybe I’m just weird. Doesn’t matter. Loved hearing your voice Lexi. Smiled like always

  • Jazzy Razzy
    Jazzy Razzy

    Nobody: Literally no one: Lexi: All my food is ARSON flavored!!!!!!

  • Billy Ja Wonka
    Billy Ja Wonka

    Oh god why why did they do that to that furry?

  • Gagesuperesonicbutbad

    at that one with the face on the hair i said the same exact thing

  • Prime Gaming
    Prime Gaming

    :) man called it a beaver, its a Capybara n for short Capy

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama

    Fresh out of the asylum

  • hol horse41
    hol horse41

    Ana Maria Braga, what have you done?!

  • Nick V
    Nick V

    6:11 Ahhh, the three Michaels merged.

  • Nick V
    Nick V

    2:57 Lexi...it is a *constructed* tree trunk, it is fake. A big resin or concrete *fake stump* made to house the atm.

  • Slaniakii

    Lexi: "Valterri Bottas" Me: "whoOH VALTTERI BOTTAS :D" *happy Finnish noises*

  • Fnaf_Fan_Riley

    4:27 The sound is horrifying! I love it, in some weird way.

  • SomethingInteresting

    When I saw that Ak electric guitar all I heard was „all the other kids with the pumped up kicks better run better run, put run my gun“

  • iPoopButterflies

    I was going to let Lexi go when it came to some of the bad taste cuz some of it really wasn't that bad... But a Hummer? ... Oh man... I can't let that go. :( I am disappointed in you Lexi...

  • Dave Green NZ
    Dave Green NZ

    Everytime I click an EmKay video and hear the voice, I'm like "Yay, Lexi". 😊 Also Lexi's artistic tastes are awesome, the colourful car, the Rad couch etc. P.s. the coffin is a cream doughnut, basically an eclair covered in icing sugar instead of chocolate

  • Phemelo Mositwane
    Phemelo Mositwane

    you can hear the existential crisis in lexi's voice at around 7:40

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager

    I now dislike lexi because they said éclair wrong

  • Mitchoforza 0
    Mitchoforza 0

    Lexi must read this Val-terry Bot-Ass That's how you pronounce Valterri Bottas

  • Wally Wallace
    Wally Wallace

    Bro why is there a really good re-creation of Emily's dress from The Corpse Bride on ATBGE????? That shit is cool! Also. Dude with the monsters spelling fuck got the *inside of his belly button* tattooed. Bitch was hardcore.

  • Ranjira

    Krum? is that a AHHH! Real Monsters!! reference? XD

  • Lucy Brimstone
    Lucy Brimstone

    Hi Lexi! I’m going to go to Walmart later today!

  • Captain_ReX

    Those candles would be really cool to have at a chiropractors, or used for Halloween

  • Ya BOI3391
    Ya BOI3391

    how tf is a 200z with a roof rack bad its a jdm legend

  • Armaan Mangotra
    Armaan Mangotra

    Fun fact: most people get killed by frogs and cows. *Most*

  • Tayler Packard
    Tayler Packard

    Those udder glasses are fucking magical and I need them

  • pharris morgan
    pharris morgan

    7:30 Hear me out, It's a large scale, *_Piggy Bank._* Edit : Haven't looked too far down, but as far as i can tell noone else has made this comment, this is before someone tells me i copied it btw.

  • kamen

    2:04 i'm pretty sure that's a cosplay of corpse bride, and it's really well done!

  • Feav

    We need a face reveal

  • Paul Chaudoir
    Paul Chaudoir

    I thought the udder shots were awesome. lol

  • TheDark Dragon
    TheDark Dragon

    09:18 this person looks like Leslie Shay was asked out on a date by a male coworker. (Seriously, Chicago Fire )

  • skullqore

    lexis videos are so great shes so wholesome 😭

  • Magerealm Master
    Magerealm Master

    5:36 arsON FLAVORED-

  • Windows XP
    Windows XP

    Idk if Lexi is transgender or just a woman with a very manly voice

  • Queen Crab
    Queen Crab

    3:34 Dude, relax, it's just painted! Also... I may or may not have done the same to my fridge and dishwasher to get them to match my cabinets....

  • Vance Sumrall
    Vance Sumrall

    lexi the tree wasn't real...

  • Krillacreat

    If I get married, I'm going to need that LEGO ring. I built a relationship with my partner.

  • emmybm15

    7:15 swear that's a capybara 😅

  • veggie straws
    veggie straws

    i love lexi’s laugh so much that i always have to laugh along with her 😭💞

  • Nami The Cute Elder Dragon Neko
    Nami The Cute Elder Dragon Neko

    Lexi: Mr. Beaver Me: That's a capybara.

  • Hideki Shinichi
    Hideki Shinichi

    capybara not beaver

  • cillerklown 8873
    cillerklown 8873

    9:55 childerburg pronounced chil like first part of chili and dress burg I know that bc I live down the road from there not even joking

  • NinjaFoxGirl 21
    NinjaFoxGirl 21

    I like the boot dog SCP. Very disturbing. 3:24

  • Terraline Windleharth
    Terraline Windleharth


  • Roy The DestRoyer
    Roy The DestRoyer


  • Guava Lamp
    Guava Lamp

    4:59 my dad actually works at shell and he told me that John deere is HELL. They wasted his gas stocks and my dad got in trouble for it (something like that) so now he hates them

  • Amadia Stockbridge-garduno
    Amadia Stockbridge-garduno

    8:11 because they are

  • Amadia Stockbridge-garduno
    Amadia Stockbridge-garduno

    7:16 I think that's a capybara in fact I'm sure it is

  • DerpSkittleZ

    wait Lexi is a girl

    • Honey The Roo
      Honey The Roo


  • Tasha DeSouza
    Tasha DeSouza

    thats not a beaver thats a capybara the largest rodent in the world and I'm pretty scared of them

  • Sloth Doodles
    Sloth Doodles

    Lexi: A pigeon of violence- Me: You mean... a sky rat of violence? (Yes this is a joke pigeons are fine)

  • yoursoultasteslikebacon

    I disagree. That tattoo will be absolutely hilarious in thirty years. To everyone else.

  • Colby Fosmark
    Colby Fosmark

    5:43 what if you step on it?


    Me sees that house scooby scooby doo

  • Benji the fennec fox
    Benji the fennec fox

    7:44 grandma mobile

  • unknown-10,000


    • unknown-10,000

      7:18 ITS A CAPYBARA

  • Maddy K
    Maddy K

    YAY!!!!!!!! ;EXI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan Mondoux
    Ryan Mondoux

    All of the cars with unicorn vomit are beautiful and you can't change my mind

  • Mikaela Rambally
    Mikaela Rambally

    You have a beautiful taste Lexi it's just that no one can see it

  • JoltTheVolt

    Arson flavoured 🔥😆

  • Pheeb Carter
    Pheeb Carter

    0:19 I'm sorry but that pronunciation made me angry

  • Shiven Loshi
    Shiven Loshi

    4:18 no not the statrocaster!

  • Wesley Fairchild
    Wesley Fairchild

    Nah you have good taste

  • Ember

    You’re Bi? Same

  • Honeycomb Gacha
    Honeycomb Gacha

    correction* that was not a beaver, that was indeed a capybara

  • Ninja Kai
    Ninja Kai

    In 07:08 i Just want to say that that's a capybara not a beaver. Theres no beavers in Brazil

  • carter munday
    carter munday

    Ahaha two bottas shout outs in one video

  • Nightfrost fox
    Nightfrost fox

    Lexi: questions art Me: agrees while drawing a giant flower next to an orange lynx....

  • ťwinröva [F1]
    ťwinröva [F1]

    What the hell, Bottas.

  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones

    4:08 everyday I stray further and further from god

  • Pedro Galvão Alcaraz
    Pedro Galvão Alcaraz

    At 7:20 its a Capivara phone

  • Goosebumps Kid
    Goosebumps Kid

    8:39 imagine your home alone and this thing starts to crawl towards you.

  • Matthew Crandell
    Matthew Crandell

    lexi, it's a fake tree

  • Highland House
    Highland House

    *it’s a capybara*

  • Moth Bones
    Moth Bones

    I have a vertebrae candle it’s really cool B)

  • William Allen
    William Allen

    That coffin is a cream bun As a kiwi I should know

  • darkmantlestudios

    Lexi *IS* ATBGE

  • Carole Fraze
    Carole Fraze

    Capybara and Lexi you created a new word, you said grad so was that graciously rad ?

  • psygaud

    Me and Lexi finding out we have horrible taste together ❤

  • Der Tote Mann
    Der Tote Mann

    7:15 Lex, that's a Capybara.

  • Nightfire-613

    Kinda sad Lexi didn't recognize the Corpse Bride wedding dress. REALLY sad the Corpse Bride wedding dress was on this subreddit, THAT DRESS IS BEAUTIFUL AND I WILL FIGHT ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE!

  • Druggie Plays
    Druggie Plays

    Capybara not beaver, but ok

  • hourglass

    The intro tho

  • Edgy_ Pack
    Edgy_ Pack

    you pronounced valterri bottas wrong


    1000-th comment :3

  • kbdeboer


  • Sora Shay
    Sora Shay

    2:06 WHY IS THAT BAD! That's the wedding dress from the main female role Emily in Tim Burtons The corpse Bride. AND THAT DRESS IS AWESOME

  • Unicorn Corgie
    Unicorn Corgie

    Thank God! I’m not the only one who likes some of these creations!

  • Robinson Kaspar
    Robinson Kaspar

    You can take the girl out of the Redneck Riviera... I kinda agree with most of your bad taste. It’s still bad, it’s just mine too

  • Fire Shaken
    Fire Shaken

    Thank you for making the videos they are calming to me recently I caught the girl who friend zoned me french kissing my current crushes brother you helped me cope

  • Citizen 0
    Citizen 0

    Conclusion: Lexi likes color

  • Average Aaron
    Average Aaron

    1:16 Look how they massacred that Z...

  • Cumunist

    It’s never too early for a war crime

  • Shadoboy

    6:57 That looks like something out of a WarioWare game.


    As a prevet student the zombie Doggo is like a genuine thing there's even a competition on tv for it, two that 👏 is not 👏 beaver 👏. It is a capybara. And three I would DIE for a pen with hookworms.

  • ༒Pablo Zurita༒
    ༒Pablo Zurita༒

    7:16 ummm... lexi that's a capybara

  • Alexa's Channel
    Alexa's Channel

    0:38 this is simply Gonta Gokuhara's birthday cake

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