i make video

  • YouChangedDaChannel882

    the firmament is. in short, it is the biblical representation of what divides the heavenly realm, from earth. also, I don't get how it frickin prevents us from going into outer space. i know it exists, but *HOW EXACTLY?*

  • Ryanthusar

    The one at 3:05 with him being photoshopped. Well unfortunately if you put your photo up on Facebook, you have GIVEN them permission top sell it to their sponsors, its right within their ToS when it comes to photos and images which are publicly shown. You can however report the company to facebook and get them into trouble there since they did edit the photo and didnt ask for your permission to do so.

  • Lucy Brimstone
    Lucy Brimstone

    Hi Jack! I have sweet tea from Sonic today!


    It does not actually send that part with avast, it is just saying the email has no harmful viruses you could accidentally share

  • M.J. McKitty
    M.J. McKitty

    What did Kevin Costner do?

  • Malikai Jason
    Malikai Jason

    12:52 how Scott cawthon has been w security breach since November

  • Amazing Autist
    Amazing Autist


  • DJ Tyler
    DJ Tyler

    I got 6 ads while watching this

  • Noah Smith
    Noah Smith

    1:20 clapping noises

  • A_plays

    I know this has nothing to do with the video but it leaves a mark if you put an apple Watch on your foot but good news it measured your heart rate still

  • Payton


  • ToastPeople

    :19 why are you robbing me? *ba-dunch*

    • ToastPeople

      For the people who got wooshed he said robin' the dum one-

  • Faith Alexandria Oglesby
    Faith Alexandria Oglesby

    Jail break/Factory reset [Bitch Bye]

  • John Oakes
    John Oakes

    Eyebleach now only for 9.99

  • scene kid 💔🔗
    scene kid 💔🔗

    i'm not like other girls, i'm not even a girl, i'm gerard way

  • My Dog Is Bipolar
    My Dog Is Bipolar

    Wood prices have tripled to quadrupled in the past year.

  • Daria Miro
    Daria Miro

    So, this is FIbill's way of making me feel better after crying for the past 5 hours... interesting.

  • Claire Manning
    Claire Manning

    Reminds me of when I was playing a "free" mobile game where your character was in a band. I got to a part where I had to get another band member to continue, but the game designed it so I wouldn't have enough coins to get another band member without purchasing more coins. Nope, I just deleted the game instead.

  • Jarvezz Alexander
    Jarvezz Alexander

    Mobile game: u bust be connected to play this game. Me COUNTER MOVE; uninstall game.

  • Zarah’sboba Tunk
    Zarah’sboba Tunk


  • iITheNub20Ii

    9:44 yoo it's Colon

  • DarthKaos0617

    5:08 this happens wayyyyyyyy to much to be counted as software gore. by now, its basically a feature.

  • A_WhiteWolf

    Hulu is the worst, I can either choose no ads or streaming or recording or somthing like that, f them

  • cc4020 The Dragongirl
    cc4020 The Dragongirl


  • The Canadian Beaver
    The Canadian Beaver

    Wait…Bambi’s a boy?

  • TheShowmaster


  • My Dog Is Bipolar
    My Dog Is Bipolar

    Oh My God. Paraplegic free got me. Don't want wheelchair poops stuck to my feet. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Perkasie PC Repair
    Perkasie PC Repair

    5:10 (keep screen paused)

    • Perkasie PC Repair
      Perkasie PC Repair

      When Pokémon are loading in the gym like right here this always happens

  • -V

    3:33 no thats r/me_irl

  • Game On!
    Game On!

    We don't have long. OwO hasn't commented yet. What do we do? It is unstoppable

  • nutmegwand

    Wait I'm the male version of a Karen oh god end me

  • Boba queen
    Boba queen

    Me:BABY TURTLE = IVY My baby turtle ivy:Stfu bitch

  • Eamonn Smith
    Eamonn Smith

    Why does Robin sound like voice changed Dipper the voice-over skit.

  • Charles Rufai Jr
    Charles Rufai Jr

    what is he's no a nod beach

  • Sly Fox (Professor_lit)
    Sly Fox (Professor_lit)

    Can someone explain what he meant when talking about walmart

  • SimplyGamer

    F in the chat for gio

  • Kristal285

    0:00 I've been staring at this for 5 hours now

  • Pip TheOtter
    Pip TheOtter

    As a New Zealander we do not accept ddnewzealand and give them to Australia

  • 1&onlyNub

    Someone: humans are the smartest animal. Also humans

  • Ville Vuori
    Ville Vuori

    Oni-chan, where's the lamb sauce? 👉👈

  • Clockwork Wolf
    Clockwork Wolf

    D o g

  • Goose


  • Majin Platon
    Majin Platon

    Unidentefied Flying Object....

  • Pinefr0st

    Last night I blew a tire due to assholedesign. There was a parking lot and an alley which shared the same big ass plot of concrete. But there were two separate tiny ass entrances with a half circle curb in the middle serving as much purpose as a fence less gate. I hit that and blew a tire. Freaking idiot design.

  • Ominous Sin
    Ominous Sin

    0:26 I use JBL can confirm their noise cancellation is incredible, I can’t even hear my bird screeching at me on my shoulder when he wants to take my pen from me.

  • Slend Veny
    Slend Veny

    Wait, he has purple hearts and he's jus handing them out?

  • Kage6415

    God I hate Norton Anti-Virus... it's such a waste of money and is such a resource hog...

  • Amy Milligan
    Amy Milligan

    6:22 what can I say exept delete this

  • Always Unlucky
    Always Unlucky

    Well, now I am feeling extremely salty

    • Christopher Chanthanasinh
      Christopher Chanthanasinh


  • Christopher Chanthanasinh
    Christopher Chanthanasinh

    1:30 I didn’t make that graph don’t yell at me

  • Liam Agard
    Liam Agard

    I got an add. “I wouldn’t mind if so-and-so passed away, but I would be if- MR CLEAN MAGIC ERASER

  • butterized

    before you ask: the penthouse is nice

  • Dan Hinchliffe
    Dan Hinchliffe

    Hey, Tinder is fun if you go on there looking specifically for dumb bios and funny profiles. Also anti-malware software is shit. Windows Defender is more than good enough if you're just not stupid and download from only trusted sites or look out for dodgy looking info on the "publisher" page before you install.

  • Tatyana Rodriguez
    Tatyana Rodriguez

    I don't mind if mobile games have ads since the ones I usually try are free, but If you are going to have an ad play while I am in the middle of a level, then you need to go to Super Jail. H-E-Double Hockey sticks if you make it impossible to leave the ad.

  • GameBoy98

    I beat Robin can't say bad words in one video

  • Plague Doctor
    Plague Doctor

    As for that Facebook thing that's a page in settings where you can make the app stop working or disable it if you wanna delete it go to your app store and delete it than it's gone

  • Max Wilkie (MAX GAMING)
    Max Wilkie (MAX GAMING)

    Me who breaths dirt: phew

  • the squad
    the squad

    Yeah I always play games on the easiest difficulty because I like it

  • loki doki
    loki doki

    peppers are fruits

  • Jloc

    4:20 It's college textbooks. Copyright notice has a name containing "higher education." But I knew it had to be college textbooks before I even saw that.

  • Jack TheJolteon
    Jack TheJolteon

    That guy: I've been playing GTA for 9 months! True Gamers: Seriously? Those numbers are incredibly low

  • Brack obunga
    Brack obunga

    samsung tvs here we dont see ads.

  • Thebluemammott

    4:30 Robin.exe has stopped working Try fixing your B.S. and restarting Robin

  • ChieSatanoka 724
    ChieSatanoka 724

    The last one radiates absolute Madlad energy!

  • Henry N. White
    Henry N. White

    1:11 how many different subs it happen to me. Luckyly enough some of them were actually interesting

  • Daix

    It's been 2 billion years, but we finally have this subreddit back

  • Roderick Williams
    Roderick Williams

    That's the best king candy impression I've ever heard

  • Deathby Gaming
    Deathby Gaming

    Ok so there was an entire lawsuit over apple making products to break / bloating phones with software, in which it was decided that it was illegal yet they “don’t do it anymore” production hasn’t changed except they removed the literal fuse meant to break in the chargers still built to fail

  • lidzk

    2:55 at least you didn't say "uno"

  • Tudor-Andrei Simionescu
    Tudor-Andrei Simionescu

    I can choose what i dream i tink of what i want dream then i dream it 😂

  • Neito Monoma
    Neito Monoma

    7:54 so thats why they break...

  • Emvyst

    "Aw, he pooped out a little water balloon. I'm going to throw it at Zach's face." -Robin, 2021

  • wolf boy
    wolf boy

    They ruined subway surfers with the pride month crap. P.S. I'm bi

  • Helena Lai
    Helena Lai


  • Kerrigan's Cousin
    Kerrigan's Cousin

    Lexi, one can safely take only one Claritin pill every 24 hours or else it's an overdose

  • MrNerd3.14

    this sub should be called r/companiesscammingyou

  • TheRawringDog

    0:50 i agree with this,but when you get a 30 second ad for every 10 seconds of gameplay

  • Slend Veny
    Slend Veny

    8:00 that note in orange makes me laugh every time.